Brecher bests Liebert at Bay 101

Steve Brecher

It wasn't Kathy Liebert's lucky number six final table last night at the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star.

She was battling to become the first female WPT champion, but once again fell short as Steve Brecher put on the pressure in heads-up play to defeat her.

For second place, she ties J.J. Liu as the top placing women in WPT events, and earns a $550,000 payday.

Kathy Liebert
Liebert ties J.J. Liu for top placing woman in a WPT event.

Meanwhile Brecher walks away with his $1,025,500 plus the $5,000 bounty that was placed on Liebert for the tournament.

It was an epic battle for Brecher to get to that win. Play started with six at the televised final table Friday at about 4 p.m., and it finally wrapped up at about 4:30 a.m. today after a record 319 hands.

The two short-stacks at the table, Chau Vu and Theo Le, dropped early, but each elimination after that took hours to get to.

When it was finally down to Brecher and Liebert, they still put in another two hours of play before the tournament was decided.

The final table results were:


Steve Brecher



Kathy Liebert



Chris Moore



Tony Behari



Thao Le



Chau Vu


If you'd like more details about how the final table and the rest of the tournament played out, visit the Live Tournaments section.

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