Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul On Stealth Mission at World Series of Poker

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07 July 2014
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We knew, thanks to this recent interview with reality TV star Trishelle Cannatella, that Aaron Paul was a poker fan.

A big poker fan, actually, she says.

So much so they used to play mini-stakes poker games on the floor of his crappy LA apartment before Breaking Bad hit it big.

We hoped to see him at the World Series of Poker this summer. And we did. Sort of.

Truth be told we heard about Aaron Paul at the World Series of Poker rather than actually saw him.

But poker pro Jason Koon definitely did.

We don't know exactly whom he was sweating, but that's definitely the look of a guy who knows what he's looking for.

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Tim 2014-08-08 03:48:51

Its poker, B**ch! ))

cap60c 2014-07-08 17:40:28

how close did he put the camera to that guy's face