BRAYDEN93 Wins $9m Sunday Million; 7-Way Deal Spreads $$


From 50,432 runners in the $9m Ninth Anniversary PokerStars Sunday Million, there could be just one.

When the smoke cleared, unheralded poker player Brayden "BRAYDEN93" Fritzshall of Mexico raised the flag as the champion of one of the biggest events in online history.

Along with being one of the most notable online winners of the last decade BRAYDEN93 also added $597,719.60 to his bankroll to go along with the new title of Sunday Million winner.

He wasn't the only one to collect life-changing money, though, as a seven-handed deal gave Greece's kelly_koulis - who satellited into the event for $11 - the biggest prize of $725,267.11.

$10m in Prize Pool, 8,397 Players Paid

Cash windfall for top seven.

With a $9m guarantee and $1m for first a massive turnout was expected and a massive turnout was delivered.

By the time late registration closed after 3.5 hours 50,432 runners had bought in and bumped the prize pool to an astounding $10,086,400.

The lucky seven who made it down to the deal stage 13+ hours later found themselves relatively short-stacked compared to the blinds and the ICM deal waa agreed to quickly.

$100,000 was left to play for. kelly_koulis, who even disconnected for a while early in the final table before doubling up, had a big chip lead at the time with 172m and secured the biggest payout.

ModzillaPL of Canada collected the smallest of the seven at $336,550.72 but all got well into seven-figures and four earned over $500k. Full final-table results and payouts:

3/15/15 Sunday Million 9th Anniversary ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants:  50,432
Prize pool: $10,086,400.00
Places paid: 8,397

1. BRAYDEN93 (Mexico) -- $597,719.60*
2. kelly_koulis (Greece) -- $725,267.11*
3. tiltinha (Brazil) -- $567,978.95*
4. PSMozak (Bulgaria) -- $542,539.85*
5. Rodrigo "sonmonedas" Pérez (Argentina) -- $413,610.60*
6. salaliitto (Israel) -- $394,207.12*
7. ModzillaPL (Canada) -- $336,550.72*
8. bari_nikolov (Bulgaria) -- $119,523.84
9. Kokli_1 (Czech Republic) -- $87,247.36

*= reflects the results of a seven-way deal that left $100,000 in play for the winner.

For a full rundown of the action, check the PokerStars blog.

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