Bowmans Poker looking east for expansion

Bowmans Poker announced this week that it has expanded its site to include Russian and Chinese language versions in anticipation of future growth in those markets.

The expansion also means that players will be able to make instant payment transfers at Bowmans Poker via WebMoney, a global transfer system that includes Chinese currency, Russian Roubles and Ukrainian Hryvnias. WebMoney is already popular in China and has 2.5 million registered users in 37 countries.

Bowmans Poker already has a fairly large Chinese customer base as well who will benefit from a Chinese version of the site.

"By launching a local language site, we're giving existing players more value, while also encouraging new players from Chinese-speaking markets across Asia," said Ben Lukas, Bowmans Poker head of poker.

Bowmans Poker has already been making headway into the Russian and Ukrainian poker markets. The company opened up a bricks-and-mortar Bowmans Pokerclub in Lvov, Western Ukraine. The poker club has full online facilities and a growing membership that should bring in quite a few customers for the poker site.

There has also been the formation of the Poker Players Association in Ukraine that makes progression to creating a Russian-language version of the online poker site natural.

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