Bounty-hunting Christmas party at Betfair Poker

How does shark sound for a pre-Christmas dinner? Betfair Poker gives you the opportunity to add some shark to the menu tomorrow, with a big bounty tournament offering a shot at 28 of their players and pros and $7,000.

The self-proclaimed favorite event of the ongoing 12 Plays of Christmas series, the "Team Betfair Christmas Challenge" is a $20+$2 showdown event starting tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. (GMT).

Four categories of bounties are offered up for takedown - pros, sharks, fish and plankton - with a sliding-scale prize for each. Take down any of their three sponsored pros - Bengt Sonnert, Thomas Bihl, or last year's winner Ben Grundy - and you'll get $1,000.

Take out any of the sharks, fish or plankton and you'll get $500, $100 and $50 respectively. Registration is limited to 1,500 players and multiple bounties can be won by the same player.

The 12 Plays series still has a number of payouts to come. Up to $3,000 in the super-turbo two-minute blinds "Christmas Pudding" on Dec. 26, $50,000 plus in the "Snowball" tournament on Jan. 7, and a $20,000 sponsorship to the overall best player in the series.

For more information on the series and its qualifiers, visit Betfair Poker.

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