Boeree beats up Castello in WSOP Rumble

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree improved her boxing record to 1-0 on Wednesday.

Liv Boeree has won the "Rumble Nowhere Near the Rio."

The Ultimate Bet pro defeated video hostess Melissa Castello in an amateur boxing match in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Despite admitting to having very little experience fighting human beings, Boeree handily defeated her rival over the course of three rounds at Barry's Boxing Center.

"It was way harder than I expected," Boeree told "Three rounds is a lot.

"By the end of the second round I was like, 'Are you insane, you want to do another?'"

Boeree punished Castello with a succession of brutal blows, but the Brit was nothing if not gracious following her victory.

"Melissa is just amazing," she said. "I mean, I was hitting her really hard. I wasn't holding back and she kept coming.

"It was so much fun. I'm really tired, but I'm really, really happy I won."

With the win, Boeree earned $1,000 for the Marie Curie Cancer Trust, while $500 will be donated in Castello's name to the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California.

Beyond the victory for her chosen charity, Boeree cited pride as a key motivational factor.

"Winning was 100% important," she said. "I could not lose.

"I couldn't let my lot down. They were cheering me on and had bets on me so I had to win. There was no other option."

Originally slated to be fought in UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva's personal octagon, the fight attracted the attention of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, necessitating a number of changes to the program.

The fight was moved to Barry's Boxing Center and both Boeree and Castello were given amateur boxing certification as a condition for the Commission sanctioning the event.

Consequently, Boeree now finds herself possessed of a sparkling 1-0 record in the Commission's official register while Castello drops to 0-1.

The PokerListings video crew was on location for the fight shot plenty of footage, including interviews with both fighters. Check out the PokerListings TV section for more coverage.

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