launches Beginner Tournaments has announced the launch of its special Beginner Tournament program for all new players interested in starting their online poker careers on the right foot.

According to founder and CEO Calvin Ayre, "By playing in our Beginner Tournaments, players have up to twice the chance to make it into the money when comparing the number of payouts to a typical tournament." He continued, "The prize structure of these events pays up to twice as many players - they will make the money more frequently thus preserving their poker bankroll as they learn the game."

Beginner Sit and Go tournaments can be found under the "Sit and Go" tournament tab in's poker software. Tournaments are available 24/7 and will commence when 10 players have taken their seat at the table for a $4 + $0.40 buy-in. Prize pools pay out to 50% of the tournament's players, whereas normal Sit and Go events only award 30% of players with cash prizes.

Beginner Scheduled Tournaments run daily at specific times. Players can find them under the "Scheduled" tournament tab in the poker software. Interested players can register 4 hours prior to the listed start time. The buy-in for these events is also $4 + $0.40. The prize pools are divided amongst a varying number of top finishers based on the number of players competing in the event, though in general more than double the amount of players are paid out than in standard scheduled tournament events.

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