guaranteed tournament translates to big win

Bjartur had a grand time - let's make that a 25 grand time - Sunday night as he toppled nearly 1,000 poker players to win's $100,000 guaranteed weekly event.

The $100+$9 buy-in event attracted 990 players to vie for a piece of the guaranteed $100,000 prize pool. For his win over the field, Bjartur took home $25,000.

It didn't take long for Bjartur to claim the first place spot once play got down to heads-up. It took only one hand to finish off YoungGun7, whose second place finish earned him $14,000.

According to, Bjartur had pocket queens on the final hand against YoungGun7's A-K. Both players were all-in before the flop, which then came A-9-6.

Luck wasn't with YoungGun7 though as the turn brought a Q, giving Bjartur the set and the river was a harmless 10.

The final table results were as follows:

2nd YoungGun7 $14,000
3rd BudmansCom $9,000
4th MuckMan23 $6,500
5th johnnybignutz $5,400
6th koke $4,400
7th Poker Man3 $3,400
8th doubledownT $2,400
9th brutice456 $1,550

The $100,000 guaranteed tournament runs each Sunday at 4 p.m. (EST) at The prize pool will be at least $100,000 no matter how many people enter.

Besides the direct buy-in, players can win their way into the Texas Hold'em tournament through smaller tournaments for as little as $1 or 250 Bodog Poker Points.

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