buys out Betcorp Limited Entertainment Group announced today that it had made a $9 million deal to purchase Betcorp Limited's international infrastructure. The deal includes Betcorp's gaming products, international customer base, technology, licenses and Antiguan offices.

"This purchase, which speaks directly to the current strength of our business, is the first of many possible international acquisition targets under consideration," says Calvin Ayre, founder and CEO. "We couldn't be better positioned to build upon our current success and growth and to continue our aggressive push towards international expansion into markets such as Europe and Asia."

According to a press release, the acquisition is another step in's long-term strategy to expand its presence into international markets. Not only are they expanding in their gaming business, they have expanded the international markets for the Bodog Music and Bodog Television branches as well.

"Bodog has never been confined to any particular market or single form of entertainment," Ayre said. "Our greatest competitive advantage is and always has been our ability to combine a number of different forms of entertainment into one all-encompassing digital entertainment offering. It is because of this strategy that we've been able to successfully create the first truly international brand of this type, and it is what will guarantee our success as a world-facing entertainment provider for years to come."

The deal also benefits the countries that host and Betcorp. Costa Rica and Antigua and Barbuda will benefit through an increase in employment opportunities and infrastructure as the company continues its growth.

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