Bodog Entertainment Group, FSN escape lawsuit

Lawsuits filed in April by BlueMoon Entertainment against the Bodog Entertainment Group and Fox Sports Net (FSN) regarding the "Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker" show have been dismissed.

In the lawsuit, BlueMoon Entertainment claimed Bodog Entertainment Group and CEO Calvin Ayre were in breach of contract, breach of confidence, and committed misappropriation of ideas in relation to the "Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker" television series.

According to the company, they had met with representatives from Bodog to discuss a similar show and entered into nondisclosure agreements about those discussions, which included project overviews, episodic outlines, full budget analysis, a production schedule breakdown, and more for a poker television series.

BlueMoon Entertainment withdrew its claim against the company after finding out the entertainment group, which operates, has no assets in the United States, making it very unlikely they could collect any potential judgment there.

"This case was not dismissed on the merits," said BlueMoon Entertainment's attorney, David Beitchman. "It is unfortunate that Bodog's 'judgment proof' offshore status will preclude our client from pursuing what we believe is a very strong case."

Despite their statement of a strong case, BlueMoon Entertainment never had a written contract to produce any television program or to enter into any other business relationship with Bodog Entertainment Group, while Bodog maintains that the only similarities between the show they discussed with BlueMoon Entertainment and the one they did with FSN are the use of Calvin Ayre and poker.

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