Bodog bringing decadence back to 2007 WSOP

Bodog Poker
Remember this? It's coming back, in bus form

2006 at the World Series of Poker was all about the player's lounge.

Flush with food, booze, video games and virtually naked women, the online poker room-sponsored lounges were naturally the centre of attention, with massive amounts of foot traffic and a buzz of activity all day, every day.

This year, with the uncertainty surrounding the UIGEA, the decadent lounges have been noticeably absent.

And, by the hang dog looks of your average cargo short and polo shirt poker fan wandering aimlessly through the halls of the Rio, they are longingly missed.

The tides turn July 4, however, when Bodog plans to "let the good times roll" again.

Set to roll: their mobile Player's Lounge - a customized Bodog tour bus stacked with flatscreen TVs, Mac PowerBooks, PS2s, drinks, food and, of course, the Bodog Girls to provide mobile luxury for Team Bodog members in town for the Main Event.

The bus will function as a travelling player's lounge, cruising the Strip and providing the VIP experience wherever the players go in Vegas, swinging by the Rio during dinner breaks and stopping at various hotels to pick-up and drop-off players going back and forth from the tournament.

Entry is exclusive to Team Bodog players, their friends and anyone wearing Bodog gear.

Players will also be able to tell their personal stories to camera crews and media and of course can also have their photos taken with the Bodog Girls and other Team Bodog members.

For all the details, visit Bodog Poker.


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