Bodog and MySpace make friends, add fifth song and the most legendary friend in the world - MySpace co-founder and president Tom Anderson - have just endeared themselves even more to virtually every band in the world. Starting immediately, any band on MySpace can post a fifth song in their profile if they add Bodog as a friend.

Already a virtual haven for independent musicians, artists will now be able to post five songs on their MySpace page - instead of the traditional four - simply by adding, the Bodog Entertainment community site, to their friend list.

The idea, of course, is to introduce users to Bodog's unique brand, which includes an international record label (Bodog Music), an innovative video Web site (Bodog TV), a mixed marital arts league (Bodog Fight), and the Bodog Poker and Casino arms.

Most significantly for the bands, perhaps, is the Bodog Battle of the Bands, a $1-million nationwide search for the best independent bands.

"Bodog Battle of the Bands is thrilled to be sitting at the forefront of the new digital wave of social networking," said Calvin Ayre, Bodog Entertainment Founder in a release.

"Our million-dollar music competition has spotlighted thousands of musicians, and now we're giving artists even more of an opportunity to have their voices heard with our MySpace "fifth song" promotion.

"Millions of bands from around the world will be given increased opportunity for exposure on MySpace, amplifying awareness of their talent and of our international A&R search."

Currently, about three million bands are registered on MySpace.

For more details about the fifth song promotion, visit

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