Boatman Aims For Third Aussie Millions Final

'I look forward to this tournament more than any other.'

With two Aussie Millions final tables on his resume already, it was no surprise to see Hendon Mobster Barny Boatman champing at the bit before the 2010 incarnation of the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest poker tournament kicked off in Melbourne Sunday.

“I look forward to this tournament more than any other,” Boatman told PokerListings. “Results or no, it’s a great place to come. But, of course, there is something about having done well in a tournament before. You get that extra bit of confidence and it’s easier to visualize doing well again.”

Boatman managed a 10th place finish at the 2003 Aussie Millions when his aces were heartbreakingly cracked by eventual champion Peter Costa.

Then last year, he came into the final table as a short stack and battled his way back before eventually bowing out eighth when he went card dead.

In fact, the Aussie Millions has been a big part of the 53-year-old Boatman’s $1,484,350 in career earnings, although he has a bit of difficulty explaining why.

“It’s hard to say,” Boatman said. “It’s a great structure and I’m very comfortable here. Plus, there is a very good mix of players in the tournament and it seems to suit me. You just keep playing your game and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

The London native has been cashing consistently in top tournaments around the globe since as far back as 1998.

However, 2008 was a down year for Boatman as he earned just $43,567 – the lowest totals of his career.

Rather than fold up the tent, Boatman came back in 2009 with the biggest year he’s ever recorded, totaling $211,649.

“I only realized the other day that was the case,” The Full Tilt Pro explained. “Basically, I got into a lot of good positions last year, but in my typical way, never really converted any of them. I feel my game is really good, but in the late stages when you need to get big hands and have them stand up, that’s the part of my game I seem to need to work on.

“I’m happy that I keep putting myself in these positions and I’m happy that Full Tilt still has the confidence to keep putting me in there. As long as they have confidence in me, I’m happy to keep living this life. You’ll never hear me complaining about beats.”

But Boatman, who set a record back in 2002 by making three consecutive World Series of Poker final tables, is focused on making a third final Down Under this year and getting over the hump this time around.

“I’d love to really show that I’ve got the end game,” he said. “I feel that I have. I have won tournaments, just never the really big ones.

“It would be very special. I think I would be the first person to make the final three times if I did it and it would be nice to have an achievement like that.”

To see if Boatman can do it, and follow comprehensive coverage of the entire 2010 Aussie Millions main event, tune in to PokerListings’ Live Updates all week.

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