blur5f6 wins UBOC event Sunday

Sunday's $250,000 guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em event of the UltimateBet Online Championship (UBOC) brought out 1,341 players to battle at the felt. Coming out on top was blur5f6 to win $56,724.30 for his efforts.

The tournament lasted for more than eight hours with several examples of bad beats which led John Vorhaus to call it a "night of a thousand suckouts" during his commentary on the game.

When it came down to heads up between blur5f6 and adanthar1, both had enough of a chip stack to make bold raises and re-raises and keep the action interesting.

Andthar1, who'd already had a couple suckouts to make it to heads-up, didn't quite have enough luck to win it all. On the final hand, his A-7 didn't hold up to blur5f6's K-8 when Q-K-10 came on the flop. There was no jack or ace to save him, and he left with $33,632.28

The final table results were as follows:

2nd adanthar1 $33,632.28
3rd makisupa $23,467.50
4th rdcrsn $17,433
5th bel0wab0ve $14,080.50
6th sideout31 $11,264.40
7th cdbr3799 $8,582.40
8th gbmantis $6,034.50
9th razor483 $4,559.40
10th ibite123 $2,682

There are still seven more tournaments to go in the UBOC. For more information, or to participate, visit UltimateBet.

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