Bluff swells Betfair Poker pot to epic proportions

The hand lasted just 29 seconds, but it was time enough for online player Rosiepod to claim one of the largest pots ever seen at Betfair Poker.

After calling a series of what were later revealed to be aggressive bluffs by competitor sincero, the rounder won a $207,000 pot.

Rosiepod made a king-high flush after the flop and proceeded to call sincero's bets until both players had contributed more than $100,000 to the hand. The final bluff from sincero would cost him more than $60,000.

"He knew that if Rosiepod called he'd be beaten; it was a gutsy play," said Betfair spokesman Oliver Bowen.

"On the other hand, from the way sincero was betting, Rosiepod must have been concerned about the only hand that could beat him - these stakes are not for the faint hearted."

Such high-stakes play is becoming a regular occurrence at Betfair Poker, the company said in a release. Pots in excess of $150,000 are common for players and, with a maximum rake per pot of only $1 at the $250/$500 No-Limit Hold'em tables, there is a lot of value for the big pros, it said.

Some of the high-stakes players at Betfair Poker include Bennyboi, Doooom, Duhfin, Erik1234, Hijay, kunkku, LoisLane, lolmenot, sincero, -secret- and The Slayer.

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