Bluefire pros challenge perception of poker


Whether or not President Barack Obama takes on Bluefire Poker's $1 million challenge, the pros may have already achieved what they hoped to with it.

Last week Bluefire Poker, a nonwagering poker training site, threw down the gauntlet, offering $1 million to charity against $1 if President Obama or a member of Congress would play one of its pros in a game of poker.

The objective is to prove that over the course of a game, skill inevitably trumps luck in poker.

It's a distinction many in the poker world would like to make in order for the game to be recognized as a legal game of skill. By offering its challenge, Bluefire hopes to turn the spotlight on the issue once again.

"I think it's great and kind of eye opening to the public as there are a whole lot of clichés and prejudices in the public about gambling in general, and people tend to put poker in the same class as blackjack or roulette without knowing that there's a big world of difference," said Bluefire pro DrGiggy.

"For us to be ready to back something like this up, it proves that a lot of poker players 'know' what they're doing."

Poker is certainly not new to the scene either, and people are becoming more and more exposed to the game around the world.

"Poker is a national pastime and a worldwide tradition," said Bluefire pro PBJaxx.

He points out that millions of Americans play regularly in home games, casinos and online. At the same time, nearly every long-running TV series has had episodes involving poker, and there are even famous poker players whose faces can be seen on ESPN every week.

"Thousands of Americans support their families by playing poker, and the fact that it is not recognized as a game of skill is both ridiculous and insulting," PBJaxx said. "I truly hope that poker will get the appropriate recognition as a skill game along with proper regulation online under the new administration."

If Rep. Barney Frank has his way, Internet gambling regulation will come sooner rather than later.

Frank is expected to reintroduce his legislation addressing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act this month.

In a press conference last week, when asked about the outlook for Internet gambling, he said he would be pushing it, but that he would address it further in another press conference.

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