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The Perfect Ten: Down to One Table at Mandalay Bay

Created By: Owen Laukkanen
01 June 2007
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Chantel McNulty

Day 3 is over from the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship, and going with it are the hopes and dreams of all but ten of the original 228-person field. Over four and a half levels of donkstrikery and double-ups, the field at the World Poker Tour's second event for Season Six has been narrowed to one final table.

Ryan Daut
Ryan Daut

We began the day with 33 hopefuls competing for one of 27 trips to the cashier's table, with Alex Kravchenko busticated, John Juanda found himself accepting his walking papers, again courtesy of Thayer Rasmussen, whose A Q had the FullTiltPoker pro's A J dominated. Juanda couldn't catch a break on the flop, turn, or river, and headed out in 12th place for $26,235.

Following quickly in Juanda's footsteps was Chris Bell, who ended the day in a worst-case scenario hand that saw him get all-in with Jared "TheWacoKid" Hamby, who showed pocket aces to The Ringer's A 9. No help was forthcoming, and just like that the third day of play was over, midway through the fifteenth level of the tournament.

Jared Hamby
TheWacoKid - On Fire

That final hand propelled Hamby to the top of the leaderboard as quick as it sent Bell to the cashier, as Kid Koresh has amassed $698,000 for a slight lead over Thayer "The Cold Killer" Rasmussen, who counts $685,000 in chips amongst his many virtues. Shawn Buchanon lingers in third place like a persistent rash, tabling $658,000 of his own, and El Fuego himself continues his strong play to log an end of day total of $541,000.

Rounding out the final table of ten are Danny Wong ($465,000), David Haddad ($444,000), Barry Greenstein ($375,000), Chau Giang ($318,000), Ryan Daut (who could probably be flirtatious if given half a chance - $217,000), and David Levi (158,000) bringing up the rear.

David Levi
David Levi

Action will resume for Day 4 at noon Pacific Time from Mandalay Bay and continue until we've reached the TV final table of six. That's right - we'll play four eliminations tomorrow, and will be on scene to record every last out. Meanwhile, we'll also be kicking off coverage of the 2007 World Series of Poker from the Rio, and we can surely promise more than four eliminations in that department. Check in, stay tuned, and we'll see you tomorrow!

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