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WPT Season 9 Looking Beautiful

Created By: Matthew Showell
07 December 2010
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A few days ago we attended the screening for the newest episode of the World Poker Tour, as well as a 12-minute highlight reel. We've got that highlight reel for you right here.

The new season looks fast, sexy and represents a big step forward in the way poker is televised. The addition of the anchor position, filled by Kimberly Lansing, as well as the new Royal Flush Girls and Tony Dunst's segment The Raw Deal, are all winners and along with more dynamic editing and brand new graphics they really ramp up the entertainment value of this show. is at the latest WPT event at Bellagio as we speak witnessing firsthand what goes into shooting the World Poker Tour episodes.

You can follow along with us over at our WPT Bellagio Five Diamond live coverage page.

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Pokeraces 2010-12-08 08:12:02

Hard hitting stories. No point in covering that Harry Reid bill stuff. Doesn't concern us poker players or even the owners of this site. Yeah, lets just ignore that all together. Man, that erica schoenberg is hot tho?

Anders 2010-12-07 21:55:06

Very nice! Can't wait for the new season!!