Why Play Poker If You Don't Have To?

12 June 2009, Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Why Play Poker If You Don't Have To?

That was my motto when I played sit-and-gos, and it was definitely somebody else's motto last night at the Rio when I played my most enjoyable cash game ever.

After getting crushed in my first five days at the WSOP, I had to drop from $5/$10 down to $2/$5 yesterday or risk going cash bustoo.

And, well, it turns out that last night was a good night for it.

I sit down at the table and play is normal enough to start, with a player three seats to my left having just a great old time.

He was really friendly and clearly really enjoying himself. Sure he played 90% of all hands, but that's beside the point. He was having fun.

Eventually, after the one person he didn't like stacked him, he decided enough was enough and it was time for a different strategy: shoving all-in blind every hand.

I've played enough live poker to see this happen before. Occasionally some hotshot will come blazing in, shove blind a few hands, then bounce.

This guy literally shoved every single hand blind for over an hour and a half. If he busted, he re-bought full. And if he doubled, that was going in too.

He would even shove if you showed him your good cards. At one point the guy directly to his left showed him 99 and the guy shoved just the same.

Not only would he not look at his cards, he refused to even touch them. He'd get the dealer to turn them over one at a time at showdown.

Dario Minieri
Even Dario thinks 60 consecutive hands is excessive shoving.

If you were all-in vs. him it was a sick sweat because although he lost a ton, he put some sick beats on people.

Obviously it was the best poker game I've ever played in, but I swear to god it was the most fun too - and that was clearly the guy's goal.

He was having a riot, high-fiving people, and he never lost the smile on his face. He kept saying, "You can't take it with you when you're gone, so you may as well have a good time."

Surprisingly enough with a random table of live poker players, everyone got it.

They knew this guy was having fun and they kept it that way. Nobody took offense or got mad when his 83o cracked AA.

The whole table and the sizable rail cheered. It didn't matter what happened, it was going in again next hand anyway.

If someone like this is making your cash game the best ever, you can't take it personally when you lose and you have to have fun no matter what. Because once he stops having fun, he's outta there.

The most fun thing I found you can do is buy the sweat. If he's shoving blind and it's folded around, then the big blind gets the big sweat with nobody behind him.

At the Rio though, they're allowing Mississippi straddles on the button. Which means pre-flop, the action starts at the small blind.

So you act last on the button pre-flop and get the big sweat. And let me tell you, $10 for a possible $1k sweat is an absolute steal, and we all tried to steal each other's sweats.

Some highlights:

Well, we'll start with what allowed me to book a win for the first time in five days.

First I hold with KJ vs. his J6. Then I hold with AJ vs. his 5-7. And I held one other hand I don't remember for around three buy-ins total.

The worst suck-out, other than the aforementioned 8-3o beating aces:

Seat 9 sheriffs it up $1.1k deep with AQ and the board runs out A-3-A-6-5.

David Matthew
You have to have fun, no matter what

The dealer flips the first card: an ace. Flips up the second card: a FIVE!

And the $2.2k pot is shipped to the blind all-in guy ... who proceeds to ship it in the very next hand even with several people $2k-plus deep.

After an hour and a half of that excitement, his buddy comes and they bounce to go hit the town or whatever it is non-poker players do.

He shakes everyone's hand and leaves and the table instantly breaks. I mean how the hell are you going to sit around and play poker after you just had a guy ship 60 hands in a row without looking?

It's impossible.

Anyway, my next event is the $1,500 donkament tomorrow. Wish me luck, I need it.

-- Dan


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Cal Shipken Jr. 2009-06-13 01:50:00

yo good luck homes

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