What it's Like Learning to Play Poker [In GIF Form]

25 August 2014, Created By: Arthur Crowson
What it's Like Learning to Play Poker [In GIF Form]

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this article you barely remember the exact first time you played poker.

For many of us it took place when we were still children playing five-card draw for pennies or candy. For others it was when one of our friends dragged us to the casino and we furiously tried to remember hand rankings.

The thing is that while it’s difficult to remember our very first session, most of us remember exactly what we were feeling while trying to learn the game.

Poker challenges us and the whole “easy to learn, impossible to master” nature of the game has a way of making fools out of even the most hardened online grinders.

Here’s a collection of GIFs that help illustrate everything about learning to play poker: The joy, the stupidity, the unbridled enthusiasm, the naiveté and the sudden shock when you learn a flush beats a straight for the first time.

Shoving every hand then getting snapped off by an absolute monster.

UteGm6amSnW12S3DzONIMajestic Horse Run

Trying to recover after a terrible bluff in a tournament.


Going all-in on the first hand of a tournament with 8-4... and losing.

gTNqcHQkm1WxsxsbE7OABoogie Board Fail

Misreading the board and the pot gets shipped to your opponent.


Just mashing buttons.


Three-way all-in,

sherlock gif

Just experienced his first chopped pot.

yes wait wtf

Trying to pull a move you saw durrr do on High Stakes Poker once.

CJdksu4zQ0CdJwzsdgW6Surprise Dog Skis

Running into a shark in the microstakes.

this goat is having none of this kids shit

Getting stacked by a fish for the first time.

anigifenhanced buzz 26958 1385050742 12

Getting a little ambitious with pocket jacks.

anigifenhanced buzz 14678 1385051057 29

Getting absolutely owned heads-up.

bouncy balls fail


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Rain Du 2015-06-04 07:21:34

I need more please help

Simon 2014-08-27 11:11:32

hahaha! wonderful

acesacesaces 2014-08-26 15:03:30

brilliant, more please

TT 2014-08-26 13:22:44

Lawl :)



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