(Video) Bryan "Devo" Devonshire is Clearly the Ron Swanson of Poker

Created By: Matthew Showell
14 July 2014
Posted in: WSOP Blog, Tournament Trail
Fullscreen capture 2014 07 13 81647 PM

Bryan Devonshire might be shaggy and wear a hat but it's clear he's the Ron Swanson of poker.

Devonshire has the kind of calm and collected mastery of manhood that's only possible through a liberal helping of working with your hands, spending time outside and alcohol.

Great men have achieved this level throughout history but thanks to Ron Swanson it's a goal no longer reserved only for those who read Hemingway or Steinbeck.

Our hope is that Devonshire will win the WSOP Main Event and act as an example for a new generation of poker players who so desperately need a strong male role model to show there's a big wide world out there beyond the poker room, a world of manly things like river-rafting, ranching and making love to a woman.

Check out the full video interview to find out why poker needs a champ like Bryan Devonshire and go here for the latest action from the 2014 WSOP Main Event.

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