Top 5 Reasons Why Learning Poker is Easier than Ever

16 December 2009, Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Top 5 Reasons Why Learning Poker is Easier than Ever

To say the last decade was kind to poker would probably be the understatement of the ... well, decade.

In the last ten years poker has come out of the shadows and taken its rightful place as one of the world’s most popular pastimes.

Poker strategy used to live with the game, back in the shadows, but the explosion of poker popularity has taken the mystery out of how to become a winning player.

We’ve detailed the five innovations that have made the game easier than ever to learn. Master these and you’ll see the results where it counts, your bankroll.

#5 - Teamviewer and Skype

If it weren't for Teamviewer and programs like it people in small towns would be out of luck if they were looking for a poker coach.

But thanks to the presentation program you can broadcast your screen while you play to a poker coach anywhere in the world and he can give you instant, real time, feedback through Skype on any hand you play.

Thousands of coaches make a ton of money coaching students to make a ton of money thanks to these two programs.

taylor caby 04
Taylor Caby

#4 - Video Training Sites

In 2005 Taylor Caby changed the way a generation would learn to play poker when he launched the video training site

Before CR the easiest way to learn poker strategy was to read countless books, either that or the usually expensive trial and error method of actually playing.

Thanks to Cardrunners you can just watch a recorded session of an established player playing his game and discussing his thought process. Quite simply it revolutionized how the game was learned.

Over the next few years a slew of other training sites began, but Cardrunners was the first.

#3 - 2+2 Publishing

Two Plus Two Publishing was putting out books on poker and gambling long before the poker boom.

They established themselves early on as the definitive source for poker literature. If they have a book out on a certain subject you can guarantee that it's the best book out there.

If you want to learn poker, you could do it with a strong work ethic and good library of 2+2 books.

Cyril the French businessman.

#2 - The 2+2 Forums

Connected to both number one and two we have number three. The Two Plus Two Poker forums. The forums at Two Plus Two are the single biggest poker community in the world.

As you'll read below Two Plus Two were publishing the best poker books before poker was even popular. So when poker blew up, everybody bought Two Plus Two books.

Naturally when people finished reading those books they wanted a place to discuss the concepts they'd learned. That place came to be the Two Plus Two forums.

It's easy to get stuck in the everyday gossip that is NVG and forget that there are literally thousands of posters discussing optimal strategy in thousands of different spots every single day.

It's these strategy sub-forums that have bred almost every high stakes young gun playing today. That should tell you something.

#1 - The Internet

The internet is the single biggest reason learning to play poker is easier than ever before.

Take this very site for example. offers hundreds of strategy articles to help improve your game. You don't even have to pay a penny, just google "poker strategy" and here you are.

We're not the only site either, there are hundreds (though none as good IMHO).

Add in the fact that it's almost impossible to play Internet poker without the Internet and you can see why it's ranked #1 on this list.

These five advancements have made learning to play profitable poker easier than it ever has been before.

If you're playing poker even halfway seriously you need to be using these tools to help improve your game. The information is out there. It's up to you to put it to work.




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