Top 5 Personalities for the Tilt Artist

22 May 2009, Created By: Sean Lind
Phil Hellmuth
We've all seen poker on TV, and we've all seen the wide variety of poker personalities that catch the camera's attention.

The question of the day is: Which poker personalities are most likely to induce tilt in your opponents?

The following personalities can be used individually or combined into groups of two or more. Feel free to experiment, and post any positive tilt-inducing results in the comments.

Together, we can start the first community of Tilt-Artists.

5. The Jerk (also known as The Douche)

A guy I play with from time to time plays this role to a "T", mostly because it's not an act; he really is a jerk.

In most areas of life this works against him, but at the poker table it can be a profitable attribute.

The other players spend so much time being angry at his jerky comments, some of them forget that they're even playing a game.

To pull off the jerk you need to be immune to death glares, and be willing to insult, belittle and chastise complete strangers on everything including (but not exclusive to):

· How they play

· How they dress

· Their lifestyle choices

Just remember: everyone's always gunning for a player they don't like. Expect to have the whole table play back at you hard and fast.

4. The Mouth

Although many of the TAs who fit under the Mouth category can also be jerks (and vice versa), the two can be mutually exclusive.

The Mouth is a term for the TAs who literally never stop talking at the table. What they're talking about is irrelevant; it's the quantity of their words that induces tilt.

Mike Matusow
Whose picture did you expect to see here?

Lots of people have a really hard time concentrating with any sort of distractions around them. If you're happily motor-mouthing during their hands, you are that distraction.

The mouth takes a bit of an incubation period in which you wear down the other players. Once they get their fill of your yammering, and let it get on their nerves, they're as good as dead money.

A non-thinking, pre-occupied, annoyed opponent is always +EV.

3. The Lucksack

Getting sucked out on, or unlucky, is almost a universal tilt for most players.

To play off this personality without having to actually get lucky every time you play, you need to be a strong enough player to be making strong profitable plays but still make your opponents think you're a lucky donk.

Hit your backdoor draw and watch your opponents lose their minds, and their chips, trying to get in against you while you chase another ridiculous draw.

The key is to only appear to be making ridiculous plays. Calling off your stack on a naked backdoor flush draw is probably not a good idea.

2. The Bringer of Frustration

The frustrated poker player is almost always guaranteed to go broke.

These are the players willing to chunk it preflop with anything, hoping for a flip, or call off their stack on any draw. The "double up or go home" crowd make up a large percentage of the world's poker profits.

Michael Binger
He said Bringer, not Binger.

Since we like to have our opponents frustrated, it only makes sense to be the bringer of frustrations. People get frustrated when they feel like nothing is working out and the whole world is against them.

As soon as you notice someone start complaining about their hands (or lack of), it's time to shine.

When a player is feeling as if everyone always hits their draws against them, be sure to bluff every time a draw completes. Raise them every chance you get; and if they raise, three-bet them.

When they feel like they can get nothing going and try to get creative, you step on them and they self destruct.

Make them feel like it's impossible to win, and it will be.

1. The Bluffer

Perhaps the most valuable weapon in a TA's bag, bluffing is almost guaranteed to insta-tilt the average player.

If you make a bluff that forces them to lay down a strong hand, then show it to the table: tilt-o-matic.

People hate being outplayed. One simple bluff can be enough to cause a strong player to completely melt down into a world of tilt.

In fact, this maneuver is so simple and self-sufficient; it can be used in combination with any other personality.





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