Top 10 Biggest Social Media Players in Poker

8 December 2011, Created By: Matthew Showell
Top 10 Biggest Social Media Players in Poker

According to the website, social media in the poker world is led by players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey.

Klout gathers information from all social media sites and aggregates it into a score, measuring the number of people you reach, how effectively you influence them, and how significant a presence you are within your network.

Some of the names on this list seem obvious, cough Daniel Negreanu, but others prove that sometimes it doesn't take exhaustive social media effort to have one of the biggest voices in poker.

It also proves having 1 million Twitter followers won't get you the number one spot.

Keep reading to see whose social media voice is the loudest in poker. And while you're at it, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

***Update: Due to popular demand we've compiled a new, much more reality-based ranking and we did it with the help of one Kevin Mathers.

Click here for Kevmath's Real Top 10 Social Media Players in Poker.

Click here to follow everyone on both our Top Social Media Poker Players with a handy Twitter List!

Daniel Negreanu

1. Daniel Negreanu

Twitter Followers:139,951

Facebook Fans: 27,507


Phil Hellmuth

2. Phil Hellmuth

Twitter Followers: 105,394

Facebook Fans: 32,685


Phil Ivey

3. Phil Ivey

Twitter Followers: 86,165

Facebook Fans: 85,802


Howard Lederer

4. Howard Lederer

Twitter Followers: 35,141

Facebook Fans: 1,671


Erik Seidel

5. Erik Seidel

Twitter Followers: 35,140

Facebook Fans: 3,525


Jennifer Harman

6. Jennifer Harman

Twitter Followers: 33,141

Facebook Fans: 3,701


Matt Savage

7. Matt Savage

Twitter Followers: 15,959

Facebook Fans: 1,236


Liv Boeree

8. Liv Boeree

Twitter Followers: 29,165

Facebook Fans: 6,083


Joe Sebok

9. Joe Sebok

Twitter Followers: 1,039,556

Facebook Fans: 5,549


Andy Bloch

10. Andy Bloch

Twitter Followers: 20,256



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