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Todd Brunson Still Classy at WPT Bay 101

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15 March 2011
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jordanbay2 has some experience with Todd Brunson and what he's capable of so we weren't too surprised to see how he reacted to being busted from the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star.

Jordan Young did the dirty deed and Brunson rewarded him with an extra-special souvenir to help him remember the occassion.

Keep reading for the details plus a special video featuring Todd Brunson at a PokerListings party a few years ago.

The shirt reads, "Rot in hell!!! You stupid luck-box muther f****ing dick face jack ass INTerneT Punk ASS B***h - Todd AA Brunson"

We especially like his writing style which is marked by completely random capitalization and the kind of style you'd expect to see on a homeless man's sign by the side of the overpass out on the freeway.

The news was posted via Brunson's twitter account and explained, "This kid raised 10 pots in a row. I raised utg to 2100 and he open shoves 25k with pocket 77. I called with AK off And I'm out. :-("

Check out this video from our house in Las Vegas to see more of Todd Brunson's insane classiness.

*Photo credit: BJ Nemeth for WPT (We assume he took this photo, feels like a BJ to us)

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captain obvious 2011-03-19 00:09:58

I don't think they're pretending anyone's classy, just having fun with the fact that Todd Brunson doesn't conform to traditional norms of sportsmanship :P

What? 2011-03-18 02:27:37

I don't understand the premise of this blog post. Is this supposed to show how un-classy Todd Brunson is while pretending that everyone else is classier. Who really cares?

pocket elevens 2011-03-17 20:00:58

what a classy dude