Full Tilt vs PokerStars: Which Team Reigns Supreme?

6 July 2009, Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Full Tilt vs PokerStars: Which Team Reigns Supreme?

It's Main Event time again, which means another edition of the greatest poker series on earth has nearly come to a close.

With 56 of the 57 events in the can, that means it's also about time to settle once and for all the age old debate of which poker site has the best sponsored pros.

And what better way to settle something "once and for all" than by comparing how each team's players did in a short series of glorified coin-flip-contests aka TOURNAMENT POKERS.

For the sake of our little challenge we are going to take the top 10 players from each team (as selected by me) and compare their total results from the 2009 WSOP.

At the end of the Main Event I'll come back and total all cashes and figure out which team rules the other for all eternity (aka until WSOP 2010).

So without further ado.

Representing Team PokerStars I pick:

Greg Raymer - 1 cash for  $774,927.

Barry Greenstein - 7 cashes for $161,243.

Daniel Negreanu - 8 cashes for $331,860.

Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - 2 cashes for $36,691.

Jason Mercier - 4 cashes for $288,170.

Humberto Brenes - 2 cashes for $7,195.

Dario Minieri - 0 cashes for $0.

Hevad Khan - 2 cashes for $21,093.

Ivan Demidov - 1 cash for $2,808.

Gavin Griffin - 1 cash for $8,739.

Team Total - $1,632,726


Representing Team Full Tilt:

Phil Ivey - 5 cashes for $356,994.

John Juanda - 4 cashes for $170,745.

Allen Cunningham - 2 cashes for $17,459.

Gus Hansen - 1 cash for $123,895.

Erick Lindgren - 4 cashes for $48,315.

Patrik Antonius - 0 cashes for $0.

Mike Matusow - 1 cash for $7,411.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson - 1 cash for $2,745.

Erik Seidel - 4 cashes for $232,392.

Howard Lederer - 3 cashes for $101,500.

Team Total - $1,061,456

Coming into the Main Event, we have Team PokerStars in the lead right now by a substantial margin.

Team Full Tilt can't be blamed completely as Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius, two of Tilt's main horses, have played less then four events combined.

Although fair enough, when your cash game buy-in is $100k it's tough to pull yourself away from that kind of action to grind lowly tournaments.

But you can bet both Gus, who made it through Day 1b with a 40k chip stack and Antonius, who is due to play his Day 1 today, will bring their A games for the Main Event. And that $600,000 margin shrinks pretty fast with even just one deep run.

Check the live updates to see if Team Full Tilt can pull off a sick come from behind victory over the last week and a half of the 2009 WSOP.

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