Throwing Up Bricks

22 November 2009, Created By: Daniel Skolovy
Throwing Up Bricks
Well the BCPC has come and gone and I bricked all three events.

Can't really complain too much, I feel I played some of my best poker. I really made only one real mistake in all three tournaments.

If there was one theme throughout the tournaments it was that I run bad with table draws.

I already wrote how I had bracelet winner Robert Cheung and several other competent players at my table in the $550.

In the $1100 I had none other than WPT winner Mike "Sirwatts" Watson directly on my left as well as three traveling CPT pros and as it turns out a guy I've played several thousand hands with online.

Amazingly I did well enough chipping up mostly without showdown. I also ended up flatting AA to a single raise in late position two different times with the hopes a short stack would squeeze over top. Sure enough they did and I held both times.

Near the end of day one I made my only real mistake of the tournament. I had a good player raise in the cut-off and I three-bet him with K8s.

A player who just moved to our table in the small blind cold calls and the original raiser folds.

The board comes Q 4 7 and the small blind checks and I end up c-betting thinking that live players have AK here a lot.

Which in retrospect is pretty awful, I'm basically hoping he has one single hand and ignoring his whole range. The right play is obviously checking back and giving up.

Anyways he shoves, I obv fold and he slams KK down face up. UPS.

Michael Watson
Oh hai.

Still, I ended up going into day two with almost twice the average stack (I think around 50ishbb).

But that wouldn't last. I had the chip leader of the tournament on my left and he elected to flat or three-bet every one of my opens.

I ended up losing a decent size flip and was left with 10 bb two hours into day two. I shove Ats in the cut-off and the button snaps KK and I'm out 78th with 63 paying.

Which leaves all my run good for the $2,700 right? Wrong.

I get to my table and hear the three guys on my right talking in familiar internet jargon.

Uh oh, this is a bad start already.

The guy directly to my right is an online MTT player who's talking with both guys on his right about the upcoming PCA.

Turns out the guy on his right is a $25/$50 reg on ipoker and the guy on his right is none other then #1 pocket fives ranked NeverScaredB. (who might I add runs like god).

The rest of the table wasn't any easier with only one soft spot. And sure enough when he busted there were no soft spots.

We also got another top 10 player on pocket fives moved to our table throughout the day as well as the guy who came second last year to Daniel Negreanu.

Bitching and moaning aside I wasted all of my run good in the first level.

In one hour I got KK three times as well as AA. Obv every single time I pick up the blinds.

By dinner I had chipped up at this very tough table to 25,000 which was almost double the 15,000 starting stack.

Shortly after dinner I play the only real interesting hand of the tournament.

I'm sitting on about $27,000 chips. NeverScaredB covers and has been playing super aggro.

Three hands ago the $25/$50 guy three-bet him and he folded and two hands ago I three-bet him and he folded.

This hand it's folded to him in the cut-off and he raises to $800 at $150/$300. I three-bet A Q in the small blind to $2,900 and he calls.

The flop comes Q T 6 and I c-bet $4,000 and NSB tanks and shoves.

I tank for a long time and fold. I figure there is no way NSB has air here ( I know he's sick but not that sick).

Joseph Cada
God damned run good challenges.

If he's shoving he has at worst a combo draw. Something like A J that's the very best case scenario. And in that scenario I'm only a slight favorite.

There's also the chance I'm absolutely crushed.

We're almost 100bb deep so it's completely possible that suited connectors and both TT and 66 are in his range. If he has a made flush or a set I'm drawing basically dead.

So I figure if I fold I'll still have like 60bb. So I fold my slightly ahead way behind hand and kind of hate my life.

He later tells me he had A 5. So I guess I made a decent fold.

From there I lose a few more standard hands and with 5 minutes left in day one I shove my 20bb stack with K J over NSB's late position raise.

The button sheriffs it up with 9 9 and I lose the flip and that's all she wrote.

Overall it was pretty disappointing but I guess that's how she goes.

I'll get my time sooner or later and if I gOt anything from the money I burnt playing these tournaments it's that even on a pretty tough table I don't feel outmatched in skill and I can more than hold my own.

One day I'll get those mythically soft tables I hear so much and a rush of cards that are considered slightly above average and I'll easily ship the tournament. But until then I'll continue my pathetic live tournament streak.


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