The 2011 WSOP Ladies Event Picture Book

1 July 2011, Created By: Arthur Crowson
The 2011 WSOP Ladies Event Picture Book

It’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

The 2011 $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Ladies Event kicked off from the Rio today and the Pavilion Room looked better and smelled better than it has for the entire summer. 

A total of 1,055 women (one more than last year!) bought into the event creating a prizepool of $949,500 with $192,344 dedicated to first place.

Of course we always do a photo blog for the event and this year we had sharp shooter BJ Nemeth collecting images so it’s one heck of haul.

Click through to see the best photos from the Ladies Event:

Lisa Vanageatigul
Lisa Vanageatigul shows girl power during the WSOP
Maya Antonius
Maya Antonius, wife of poker pro Patrik Antonius, plays the Ladies event.
An unknown man in a dress is ridiculed by the women in the field after busting from the WSOP Ladies Event.
Rebecca McAdam
Rebecca McAdam in the WSOP Ladies Event.
Ebony Kenney
Ebony Kenney in the WSOP Ladies Event.
Gloria Balding
Gloria Balding doubles up with pocket aces in the WSOP Ladies Event.
Lana Maier
Lana Maier received an ovation from the entire room after eliminating a man in the WSOP Ladies Event.
Maria Ho
Maria Ho skipped part of the WSOP Ladies Event because she was the last woman standing in WSOP Event 52 $2,500 Mixed Hold'em.
Michele Lewis
Annie LePage is in the background as Michele Lewis spies the photographer during the WSOP Ladies Event.
Donna Varlotto
TD Bob Smith mugs for a photo with Donna Varlotto during the WSOP Ladies Event.
Jan Fisher
One of poker's great ambassadors, Jan Fisher kicked off the WSOP Ladies Event by honoring past winners.
Annie LePage
Annie LePage plays in the WSOP Ladies Event while her boyfriend Mike Matusow plays Day 2 of WSOP Event 52 $2,500 Mixed Hold'em.
Karina Jett
Karina Jett has final tabled the WSOP Ladies Event twice, finishing 4th in 2003 & 2004. In 2010, Jett finished 4th in an open WSOP event, 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo.
Erica Schoenberg
Erica Schoenberg plays her first WSOP Ladies Event as a pregnant Mrs. Lindgren, but looks radiant as always.
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