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Joe Ingram

Joe Ingram, aka ChicagoJoey, had already set a record in May 2009 for most hands played online within a month while making a profit.

A total of 604,000 hands meant he had played a little over 20,000 hands every day. Even the toughest grinders online might take a week to play this amount of hands.

But Ingram had his eyes on even more and aspired to be a record holder in three different disciplines: most hands played in a day, most hands played in a month and becoming Supernova Elite within 80 days.

Record I: Most hands played in one month (604,000)

Date: May 2009

Record II: Most hands played in a day (50,000)

Date: December 2009

Record III: Reach Supernova Elite within 80 days

Date: Oct 11, 2010 till December 31, 2010

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Annette Obrestad

In September 2007 an 18-year-old girl from Norway named Annette Obrestad hit the live poker stage with a bang.

One day before her 19th birthday she won the inaugural WSOP Europe Main Event and £1m in prize money. That made her the youngest bracelet winner in the history of the WSOP.

However, she had already caught the attention of the poker community two months earlier when she won a 180-player sit-and-go without looking at her hole cards.

Challenge: Win a 180-player SnG without checking your cards

Record Holder: Annette Obrestad (NOR)

Date: July 2007

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Boku Challenge2

In 2009, there was no one in Europe who played as many poker tables simultaneously as Germany's Thomas “boku87” Boekhoff.

He played up to 50 tables and devised an entirely new system for playing online poker.

To prove that his system worked – and to promote a book he had planned – Boekhoff decided to play two bankroll challenges in low-stakes Sit-and-Gos (SNGs).

Challenge 1: Turn $100 into $10k within 15 days playing SNGs w/ $16 max buy-in

Challenge 2: Turn $5 into $100,000 within 12 months

Record Holder: Thomas Boekhoff (GER)

Dates: Challenge 1 March 3-17 2009; Challenge 2 July 15 2009 - May 19 2010

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Barry Greenstein, Chris Ferguson and Andy Black

In 2006, when Chris Ferguson was still Jesus, he set out to make a fortune without using any of his own money.

Ok, that came out wrong.

The goal of Ferguson's famous online poker challenge was to make $10,000 by starting with $0 and playing according to strict bankroll management.

The Mission: Turn $0 into $10,000

Record Holder: Chris "Jesus" Ferguson

Dates: March 2006-September 2007

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Bertrand Grospellier

In 2009, France's Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier went after a world sit-and-go record during the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo.

The goal: To play as many SnGs as possible within 60 minutes while remaining profitable.

In the first part of a new series on the Greatest Online Poker Challenges attempted we'll break down ElkY's World Record and see how it made it into the record books.

The Mission: Play maximum number of SnGs, make a profit

Record Holder: Bertrand Grospellier (FRA)

Date: April 28th, 2009

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10 Top Footballers Who Could Be New Faces of Online Poker

Created By:
15 July 2014
Posted in: The Guest Blog, The Online Grind
james rodriguez2

Thanks to another unfortunate biting incident, Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez served as a representative for online poker for only a couple of weeks – a record low.

His signing had a lot of potential but ended up an extremely short one as an ambassador for 888poker – or AteAteAtepoker, as the poker community humourosly referred to it briefly.

Suarez's signing off has left a big gap in the market, though. With footballers like Ronaldo, Francesco Totti and Andrei Shevchenko showing how successful it can be the trend of football stars repping poker sites isn't going away soon.

Question is, who else is suitable for the job? You’ll have to look carefully, operators, but don’t worry -- PokerListings Germany's Christian Henkel is here to help out.

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Alex Kostritsyn

If you follow high-stakes online poker you’re no doubt familiar with Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey.

You may even know that Ivey’s new account on Full Tilt is “Polarizing” or that Antonius has returned to his old "FinddaGrind" alias.

Over the last couple years, however, the next wave of online poker players has encroached upon the high-stakes scene.

It can be hard for even the most devoted online poker fan to keep track of the new handles so here’s a quick guide to the latest movers and shakers from the last year.

Some of these players are still unidentified so feel free to share your thoughts about who the accounts belong to in the comments below.

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Courtney Gee3

Last time I talked about earning money for a three-month trip to Malta. Because I wanted to give notice to my landlords at the end of the month, I had to make all the money necessary for the trip in March.

The pressure was on.

I’m not saying it’s Murphy’s Law or anything, but let’s just say that March did not go well.

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Moving to Malta and Making Poker a Priority

Created By: Courtney Gee
15 March 2013
Posted in: Courtney Gee Poker Blog, The Online Grind

Since making it a goal to play 30+ hours per week, I’ve found out how bad I have become at organizing my time. I’ve also realized that poker has never been my number one priority, even after I quit my job to go pro.

I’m always talking about how I don’t play enough hours of poker, and a big reason for this is that I don’t make it a priority.

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Emotional Stress, Big ROI, Advice for Moving Up

Created By: Courtney Gee
08 February 2013
Posted in: Courtney Gee Poker Blog, The Online Grind
Courtney Gee3

January was a mixed bag for me. If you’ve been reading my other blog, you’ll know that I’ve had a lot to deal with outside of poker.

Someone very close to me is battling alcoholism and things took a turn for the worse late last year. For the last couple of months, I have basically been trying to make sure that she doesn’t die.

Helping her out has been very time consuming, but the biggest impact on me has been the emotional stress. Even when I’ve had some spare hours to play poker, it’s sometimes been very difficult to focus.

Emotional stability is extremely important when it comes to playing well and I certainly haven't had it these past two months. I took a lot of days off in December and January as a result.

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