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If it weren't for a questionable call by Phil Galfond, Daniel Negreanu would have booked yet another losing session on episode 12 of High Stakes Poker Season 6.

Sub-plots included Negreanu happily paying off Doyle Brunson's flopped straight like it was his job and Mike Matusow continuing to nit it up, inexplicably folding KdQd to a single raise. Matusow plays so tight he makes Phil Laak look like Tom Dwan.

Another hand of note saw Elky and durrrr both holding TT and durrrr partially berating Elky for tanking on the river.

durrrr seemed a little out of line with his comments but when you remember that Season 6 was taped during the infamous isildur1 matches where durrrr lost like $5 million we can understand why he's a little cranky.

But that's besde the point. The hand we're going to look at today is a failed hero call by Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond vs Daniel Negreanu.

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Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu losing money on High Stakes Poker is becoming the norm. There's no denying that he runs bad, but he certainly doesn't do himself any favors with his awful play.

In episode 11, like in so many episodes of High Stakes Poker, Negreanu runs into some tough spots and manages to lose the maximum each time.

The benefactor this time is Mike Matusow, who in two hands takes just over $300,000 from the PokerStars pro.

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Doyle Brunson

Well it's Monday and you know what that means, it's time to talk about the latest episode of High Stakes Poker.

Episode 10 was pretty quiet poker-wise but I learned one thing: if you want action just convince the table to have three straddles. When 70% of the tables is blinds, its impossible to have a boring game!

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David Benyamine

With nine episodes down and three more to go on this incarnation of High Stakes Poker, Episode 9 brought us our last roster change of the season.

Rotating in for the last session are Mike Mattusow, Elky Grospellier, David Benyamine and Doyle Brunson.

The episode itself was pretty boring and would have been a complete write-off if not for a few well-timed impressions. The first was Negreanu's short but sweet Tom Dwan impersonation but the real gem was Doyle Brunson parodying Phil Ivey's Full Tilt ad.

"We're all just playing the same game. Well ... almost"

Easily the funniest thing that Doyle's said on television poker.

There was some real poker too and the hand that had everyone scratching their heads was a three-way pot between Doyle, David Benyamine, and Daniel Negreanu.

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Phil Ivey

Episode 8 of GSN's High Stakes Poker has come and gone and if we've learned one thing from that episode it's that Ivey's a sick, sick man.

We've also learned that if you're Barry Greenstein 100% of your raises will be three-bet and you're legally obligated to fold.

Other than that not too much happened, the game played shorthanded pretty much the entire episode with at least one or two players away from the table on any given hand.

It made for an interesting dynamic pre-flop with the game playing more like an online six-max game than your run-of-the-mill full ring live cash game.

This weeks snapshot is a great example of that.

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Daniel Negreanu

Well, we're seven episodes deep into High Stakes Poker season six and the action has been pretty decent thus far. Even though we've yet to witness a million-dollar pot there's been a bunch of great hands from some of the best players in the world.

This last episode was no different. Let's take a look at the most notable.

We saw Barry Greenstein call a three-bet oop vs Andrew Robl with KQs and flat a #Qh#7s#Js flop and then check-raise an #8c turn all-in.

In another hand Andrew Robl just called a raise before the flop with AQo and then fourbet a potential squeeze all-in only to find himself up against the aces of Patrik Antonius.

We also saw a familiar scene with Daniel Negreanu flopping the near nuts and playing it extremely passively.

And then there was his hand vs Tom Dwan.

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The sixth episode of GSN's High Stakes Poker brought us our second group of players.

In the second session of Season 6 Patrik Antonius, Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis, Andrew "Good2CU" Robl, Barry Greenstein and Dennis Phillips join Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu for a little degenerate gambling.

Right away we get to see Ivey's KK crack Patrik's AA in a hand that sounds way more exciting than it actually was.

In another hand Negreanu turns a straight flush and remarks that he's never made a royal. Lex Veldhuis steals the show with, "Well, you're a live player you play like 300 hands a year."

We also see Dwan durrrring it up and making all sorts of rivered hands and soul-owning people into calling, hoping to hit the bottom of his range.

But the most interesting hand of the night was played by Lex Veldhuis and Andrew Robl.

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Phil Ivey

It took five episodes of High Stakes Poker Season 6 to bring us an episode with some real action.

Episode five, which aired yesterday, had just that - and loads of it.

We had Dario spazzing vs durrrr, Gus getting felted for 200k vs. Negreanu, Mercier vs. Ivey and, of course, durrrr three-barelling Ivey.

Any one of those hands would make a great strategy snapshot. But, sadly, we had to narrow it down to the single greatest.

IMO, it's a close race between Ivey "picking off" Mercier's bluff and durrrr's three-barrel.

Though the Ivey-durrrr hand might have been more exciting, I believe there's more to talk about in the Mercier-Ivey hand.

The durrrr hand was just a sick three-barrel in a three-bet pot. Of course, had Ivey called like he was contemplating with his pair of sixes, we would really have something to talk about.

However, I wouldn't be able to provide much insight on fifteenth-level soul-reading so it's a good thing he folded.

The Mercier hand, though, is very interesting and not just because he's a PokerListings blogger.

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Though there were basically no big hands of note on Episode 4 of GSN's High Stakes Poker last night, there was at least one interesting twist.

After some haggling, Tom Dwan bet Phil Ivey $1 million that he couldn't go vegetarian for an entire year.

Now chances are this bet doesn't go an entire year, either one side or the other will buy out before the year is up. But it got me to thinking what would your price be?

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Daniel Negreanu

It only took three episodes for Daniel Negreanu to try and spew off a stack on Season 6 of High Stakes Poker.

This time, however, the second river bailed him out for a chop and half the pot.

Other than that episode 3 was decent enough, blogger Jason Mercier made his first appearance but didn't play any real hands of note.

Hopefully we'll be seeing more from him in future episodes.

But back to the Negreanu hand.

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