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Marvel Poker Super Heroes: 10 Poker Heroes Unmasked at the Table

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02 December 2014
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After watching some of the game's best players ply their craft for over a decade, we're still surprised by how often were awed by something we see at the tables.

An amazing soul read. A fearless hero call with 10 high. An impossible fold at the most essential moment. What the best of the best in poker can do seems, at times, to be superhuman.

Which is why PokerListings Italy's Francesco Esposito began to notice a few similarities between some of Marvel's most famous superheroes and the players we get to watch at the felt.

Read on as he reveals the hidden identities of 10 superheroes of poker. As you might notice, there are a few villains in the mix.

Think we've missed someone? Let us know in the comments.

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Sherlock confused face

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this article you barely remember the exact first time you played poker.

For many of us it took place when we were still children playing five-card draw for pennies or candy. For others it was when one of our friends dragged us to the casino and we furiously tried to remember hand rankings.

The thing is that while it’s difficult to remember our very first session, most of us remember exactly what we were feeling while trying to learn the game.

Poker challenges us and the whole “easy to learn, impossible to master” nature of the game has a way of making fools out of even the most hardened online grinders.

Here’s a collection of GIFs that help illustrate everything about learning to play poker: The joy, the stupidity, the unbridled enthusiasm, the naiveté and the sudden shock when you learn a flush beats a straight for the first time.

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rooney koon2

Playing in the World Cup of football (soccer) is a boyhood dream for everyone even remotely interested in the beautiful game.

Many of poker's most high-profile stars have shared the same dream - but somehow ended up playing cards instead.

Thousands of poker players will be glued to the TV screens at the Rio in Las Vegas this summer following the World Cup in Brazil, and you might find yourself doing a double take every now and then as you look up at the TV and across the table at your fellow players.

PokerListings Denmark's Thomas Hviid has put together a team of poker pro/football player lookalikes (and a coach) he thinks might turn your head. Enjoy!

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eatprayshove 3

Noted Swedish grinder Sofia “welllbet” Lövgren recently left long-time sponsor PKR Poker for the “next big adventure.”

What is that next project? No one is quite sure but thanks to her marketability in Sweden she might garner some attention from industry titans such as PokerStars or iPoker.

We suggest she take some time off to discover herself like Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. Albeit with more poker.

It’s with that in mind that we’ve put together a movie poster for Eat Pray Shove, which we’d definitely watch over the Roberts’ feature.

Check below for the complete poster:

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People/Things Less Trustworthy than Poker Players

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21 March 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog, Poker Comedy

We'll give you this: Some of the less-than-stellar public perception of poker and its players has been earned.

From the backroom scallywags of the 70s to the personal and corporate shams of recent past sketchiness has, admittedly, always been a thread in poker's fabric.

Dig a little deeper, though, and plenty of people in the game for decades would stake their fortunes on the integrity of poker players.

Among the old guard, the gambler's code still holds. Among the new school, personal reputation and membership in a trusted community are what careers are built on.

There's always going to be a hint of shadiness in high cash-flow industries but, all things considered, poker players get a bad rap for the actions of a small few.

To prove it, here's a running list of people/things we currently trust less. Feel free to add yours in the comments. (Note: Yes, we know this is stupid. It's a joke.)

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ari gold

Poker can be a frustrating game sometimes.

It's to be expected in a game where the best hand constantly loses and the worse player sometimes wins. Then again, getting bluffed by the better player sometimes hurts just as bad.

Poker tilt has undoubtedly been the reason for the tragic end to numerous keyboards, mouses and even laptops over the years.

The problem is that non-poker people can’t relate to just how frustrating and challenging the game of poker can be. Fortunately online GIFs can.

We’ve gathered a collection of GIFs that express just the level of anger that getting four-flushed in AK vs. AK can produce.


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Separated at Birth: Andreas Høivold and DS9’s Odo

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07 March 2014
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog, Poker Comedy
Odo and Hoivold

Did you know Scandinavian poker pro Andreas Høivold can shape shift?

Neither did we but you’ve gotta admit he looks slightly like surly Deep Space Nine constable/shape shifter Odo.

We’ve never thought about it before but Odo has a pretty killer poker face. It gets even better when he turns into his natural gelatinous form.

Meanwhile Høivold actually has $1.7 million in real-life lifetime tournament earnings including a cash in PokerListings’ own Battle of Malta last fall. So there’s that. 

Who are your favorite poker players and pop culture figures that were separated at birth? Leave your picks in the comments.

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Frankenpoker ivey face

We’ve been in the poker coverage game for over a decade now and we’ve developed a few theories on what makes the great players so damn good.

With that in mind we’ve created the monstrosity you see above, which is a Frankenstein-style collection of some of the most famous poker players in the world.

If you ever see this guy staring across at you from the other side of the table you might as well fold your hand, give him all your chips and give up poker for Uno tournaments.

For those keeping track at home here’s a breakdown of the world’s greatest poker player.

  • 1. Phil Ivey’s intense stare, obv.
  • 2. French Canadian pro Erik Cajelais’ fearsome right arm. Perfect for raising. Or punching.
  • 3. Scotty Nguyen’s luxurious hair. That’s Prince of Poker style, baby.
  • 4. Doyle Brunson’s iconic cowboy hat. It’s seen things.
  • 5. Teddy “Iceman” Monroe’s diamond headphones. The most baller item in poker.
  • 6. Dan Bilzerian’s beard. Hey this girl can’t be wrong.
  • 7. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s laptop. Ready for multi-tabling.
  • 8. Daniel Negreanu’s laugh (not pictured). That’s how you make the fish feel comfortable.

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Nick Javas

Well this is unexpected.

With this being the 10-year anniversary of the European Poker Tour we thought there would be a number of special commemorations to celebrate the tour.

A rap video wasn’t the first thing that came to our mind.

Apparently PokerStars felt differently because they commissioned New Jersey rapper Nick Javas to create a song about the history of the EPT.

The result, titled Ride on the River, is interesting. We’ll let you judge the quality of the music.

On the bright side the video does a good job of showcasing some of the biggest stories over the course of the tour including Jason Mercier, Vicky Coren and Liv Boeree’s impressive breakout victories.

It also highlights some of the more interesting draughts, like how no one has ever won two EPT titles (pretty surprising).

Check out the video after jump.

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Who gets Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet money first

Who gets the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Money first? Is it poker players?...

Please feel free to share this cartoon by using the code below.

<a href=""> <img src="" alt="Poker Joker - Who gets Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet money first"></a><br>Original Source: <a href="">Poker Listings</a>

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