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In just eight weeks or so, one out of the nine players at the final table of the WSOP main event will win $10m.

Getting that kind of money - basically for playing cards for a week, wrapped around a four-month break -  is a pretty unique thing.

The famed winner shots of the happy player standing behind a wall of cash also contributes to the general image of poker players as guys who live the good life without doing much for it.

It's true to some extent. Top poker players make millions of dollars. And the $21m Dan Colman has earned so far in 2014, which has spurred much debate about both the glory and realities of tournament poker, is an impressive number to say the least.

But, truth be told, top poker tournament players are miles away from what top earners in other businesses cash out every year. PokerListings Germany's Dirk Oetzmann breaks it down.

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There's more to fitting in at a poker game than fancy chip tricks and an encyclopedic knowledge of WSOP history. You have to know the ins and outs of poker etiquette.

Enter the latest PokerListings infographic, explaining the top 12 worst possible etiquette mistakes you can make at the poker table.

Stalling, hygeine, acting and talking out of turn, collusion, physical violence and being a bad winner or a bad loser are just some of the essential tips we cover in this poker infographic.

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huck seed video poker

It's pretty clear what's happened. Black Friday was a conspiracy by the casinos to drive high-stakes players to their $100 video poker machines.

They knew that dedicated grinders like Huck Seed would be helpless against their need for poker action. It's all so obvious.

Seed tweeted this photo yesterday, clearly showing a royal flush worth over $670,000. Since then a few more facts have come to light, mainly thanks to Allen Kessler's encyclopedic knowledge of video poker.

  • Machine was at Aria in Las Vegas.
  • Seed was playing $100 per credit, five credits per hand, for a total of $500 per hand.
  • Seed bought a $40,000 ticket to avoid the hassle of manually feeding in 400 c-notes.
  • Seed has admitted to regularly taking $40k-$50k shots at video poker.
  • With the progressive jackpot and all comps, plus a high rate of hands per hour, Seed's EV was in the range of $1,500/hour.

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poker decision tree

Poker pros will try to sell you massive tomes of poker knowledge for outrageous prices (cough, Super System) but the truth is that succeeding in poker is much less complicated than they'd like you to think.

That's why we're busting out the super secret poker strategies the pros don't want you to know, for free, right here on

Let's get it started with one of the most important aspects of poker: Succeeding as a tournament pro. This concept is literally the foundation that the entire tournament poker world rests on.

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Isaac Haxton

Earlier today Isaac Haxton announced on 2p2 that he's willing to sell his UB/AP bankroll for 20 cents on the dollar, all $300,000 of it!

In reality he might as well be selling it for one cent on the dollar because in light of recent developments, no one in their right mind would even think about it.

Terrence Chan posted earlier, "I don't know whether it's more insane that Ike Haxton is selling 300k on UB at 20c/$ or that I'm not even considering buying it."

Haxton has unique experience dealing with this kind of uncertainty. When he came second in the 2007 PCA he won $861,789, which was awarded to him in his PokerStars account. He then transfered it to Neteller, which was promptly shut down by the Department of Justice the next day.

Haxton had to suffer through months of worrying whether he'd get that cash back. In the end the money was returned. It's doubtful things will work out as well for him this time around.

***Update*** New information has given some hope to UB/AP players with money on the site. Click here to read the details on our Black Friday Bulletin Board.

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As far as poker celebrity goes Eugene Katchalov isn't exactly a superstar. What he does have are results, over $6 million worth.

Katchalov has only been playing poker 100% professionally for a few short years, having split his time to that point between cards and day trading in New York.

In light of his recent endorsement deal with PokerStars, and the fact that he's one of the most profitable tournament players in the world, we wanted to get to know him a little better.

We've got a feature piece in our news, to which this Q&A is a companion, so click here for more info about Katchalov's decision to play poker professionally instead of working in finance.

And now, the full Q&A.

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zynga poker

In early February we caught wind of a man in the U.K. who had pled guilty to hacking into Zynga's electronic systems and stealing 400 billion play-money poker chips!

That man, Ashley Mitchell, has now been sentenced and will receive two years in jail for the online crime. Is the theft of play-money chips worthy of a few years in the slammer? Zynga maintains that since the play-money chips are sold for real cash, Mitchell actually stole the equivalent of $12 million!

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nfl football browns ravens

This past weekend the Golden Nugget in Vegas hosted a big charity poker tournament to benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The Starkey Foundation raises money to provide free hearing aids to children all over the world.

25 NFL stars were slated to play but were forced to pull out at the last minute when the NFL stepped in and forbade them from participating in this philanthropic evening of poker.

With a $2,000 buy-in and $500 re-buys, the NFL's decision denied hearing-impaired children of at least $50,000. We're not sure about the price of hearing aids but that sounds like a lot of kids who will be unable to improve their quality of life.

Let's look at the reasons for what, surficially at least, appears to be an incredibly callous decision by the NFL.

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It's Christmas at the Nguyen house and Scotty's celebrating like only Scotty can.

The Prince of Poker is very enthusiastic about the whole Christmas thing. Watch as he tells us of his love of trains, carols and exotic pet presents.

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ADZ124 Epic Life Story Part 3

Created By: PokerListings
11 October 2010
Posted in: Matt ADZ124 Marafioti's Blog, Cold Hard Facts
Matt Marafioti

Matt "ADZ124" Marafioti is back with the third installment of his poker life story. Be sure to catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't already.

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