Stout's Sunday Report March 28, 2010

29 March 2010, Created By: Matt Stout
Stout's Sunday Report March 28, 2010

Poker pro Matt Stout is back with another installment of The Sunday Report. Stout will track all his results for his full online MTT Sunday schedule, complete with profits and losses.

Keep track right here on the PokerListings Blog.

Total tournaments played: 37

Total amount of buy-ins: $9,138

Total cashes: 4

- 22/1889 in the early Tilt $163, $906.72

- 276/6607 in the $55 Daily Eighty Grand on Stars, $231.24)

- 436/9371 in the Sunday Million on Stars, $599.74

- 112/1089 in the Sunday 500 on Stars, $1034.55

- 420/581 in Tilt $109+rebuys turbo...OK so this wasn't a cash, but I thought it was noteworthy.

Total amount of cashes/bounties: $2,852.25

Length of session: 10:49

Net win/loss for the day: -$6,285.75

Net win/loss online on Sundays since the start of the Sunday Report (February 7, 2010): +$10,992.36

To be BLUNT, today sucked.  A lot.  Here was the highlight of the day, courtesy of the Stars Sunday Mirrrrrrrrion. (Sorry for the text hand history, PokerListings is working on the hand replayer.)

PokerStars Game #41858588006: Tournament #303020010, $200+$15 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XII (750/1500) - 2010/03/28 19:48:39 ET

Table '303020010 136' 9-max Seat #7 is the button

Seat 1: PocketPayett (65020 in chips) 

Seat 2: All_in_at420 (94360 in chips) 

Seat 3: Gorrioncillo (44829 in chips) 

Seat 4: Soprano42 (30143 in chips) 

Seat 5: hint81 (71664 in chips) 

Seat 6: l as qui pic (108886 in chips) 

Seat 7: WILD_CRACY66 (48200 in chips) 

Seat 8: Jesaja04 (26617 in chips) 

Seat 9: WadeShaq03 (42845 in chips) 

PocketPayett: posts the ante 150

All_in_at420: posts the ante 150

Gorrioncillo: posts the ante 150

Soprano42: posts the ante 150

hint81: posts the ante 150

l as qui pic: posts the ante 150

WILD_CRACY66: posts the ante 150

Jesaja04: posts the ante 150

WadeShaq03: posts the ante 150

Jesaja04: posts small blind 750

WadeShaq03: posts big blind 1500

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to All_in_at420 [Ah Tc]

PocketPayett: folds 

All_in_at420: raises 2250 to 3750

Gorrioncillo: folds 

Soprano42: folds 

hint81: folds 

l as qui pic: folds 

WILD_CRACY66: folds 

Jesaja04: folds 

WadeShaq03: calls 2250

*** FLOP *** [Th 3c Ts]

WadeShaq03: checks 

All_in_at420: bets 4500

WadeShaq03: raises 5800 to 10300

All_in_at420: folds (MISCLICK OBV...followed by sheer tilt. pekhwirgjeporgkepgokepgefwetwghyrwgwr)

Uncalled bet (5800) returned to WadeShaq03

WadeShaq03 collected 18600 from pot

WadeShaq03: doesn't show hand (well I guess I hope you had 3-3 buddy....GAH!!!!!!!!!!!)

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