Sports Stars in Poker: Shane Warne

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Sports Stars in Poker: Shane Warne

One of the things we love about poker is its ability to pull in celebrities, like some sort of super-powerful celebrity tractor beam.

Sports stars are among the most commonly converted so we decided to look a little closer. You know, really get to the bottom of it.

Today we speak with Shane Warne, one of the greatest cricket players in the history of the game.

Warne is still looking to break through in the American market, along with the entire game of cricket, but in some parts of the world this cat’s like Michael Jordan.

We’ve got poker questions, cricket questions and a few bonus questions that involve a mix of poker and cricket.


You took third in the recent Victoria Poker Championships for $40k, 10th in the $1k at the Aussie Millions in January – is your first really big score right around the corner?

I feel I have the game now to go all the way soon and I don’t get intimidated anymore.

What's the most essential book or resource you’ve used to improve your poker game?

No books, just my brain and experience.

Does being an international cricket legend give you an advantage at the tables in Australia? And how different is it from playing in Las Vegas, where people may not recognize you at all?

People think I’m just a sportsman that's enjoying playing poker, but I surprise them once in a while.

Shane Warne

Game preference? Moving to 8-game these days? How much time are you spending playing online?

I play a lot online at I like interacting with the people that play online, unfortunately I’m easy money !!!!

Any old sledging lines/tactics you’ve carried over from cricket into poker?

Lots! “You muppett” being one.

Any more info you can reveal about the deal with James Packer for Shane Warne-branded live poker rooms? Or any more collaborations with Joe Hachem in store?

Not in a position yet to elaborate...

Dream poker accomplishment?

Winning the World Series in Vegas.

Dream poker heads-up match? Final table?

Me and Negreanu for the title, clean him up ...

Any players you fear? Do years of experience in international cricket make Phil Ivey any less intimidating?

I have no fear playing against anyone anymore.

Would you rather make the final table in the World Series of Poker Main Event or play one more match in the Ashes?

At my age poker wins every time in that scenario !!!

Tell us about the latest news from the Shane Warne Foundation – How is it developing? How much is poker a part of it now?

The foundation has raised over $5 million and has made a significant difference to families and children. It’s great to make a difference to so many and our poker events really help us raise funds.

We’ve heard you’re into wine these days – can you recommend a good bottle?

Love red wine, my favourite is a bottle of Henschke Hill of Grace ‘90 or ‘91.

Your thoughts on the epic Aussie Rules Grand Final. Have you recovered from that epic first game yet?

It was a great comeback from the Saints, amazing game! Well done to collingwood, hopefully the saints can do it next year.

Does it make you miss playing and the heat of competition?

I am very competitive and I really do miss being out on the field.

On to some questions from our cricket fans. Was there ever a bowler you were intimidated to bat against?

No. But Shoaib Akhtar was very, very fast.

Shane Warne

Whose wicket did you most enjoy taking?

Sachin Tendulkar

Prediction for the Ashes this year and your thoughts on Tremlett and Panesar being added to the England squad?

I think Australia will win by one test match. It will be a tight series.

Which current players do you admire the most?

Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Clarke and Jacques Kallis. 

Who’s the next Shane Warne for Australia?

Hopefully Steve Smith can develop into a genuine all rounder.

Once and for all: Muttiah Muralitharan or Shane Warne – greatest spin bowler ever, different technique aside.

You’re asking me???? Hmmmmm let me think , ME! [laughs]

Thoughts on the use of technology to help umpires with decisions and the new referral system?

Keep technology for line decisions, until it’s 100% accurate ...

Best sledger of all time? And what’s the best sledge we’ve never heard about?

I’m not sure what the best sledge is, too many are untrue that are floating around.

What gets served for tea at Lords?

Amazing banana cake and cheese toasties

You’re known for several memorable moments in your playing career – Ball of the Century, hitting 700 test wickets, etc – but what moment do you remember most?

When I walked out onto the ground for my first test in Sydney and the scoreboard said congrats Shane Warne you're the 350th test cricketer to play for Australia, that's not many....

In 25 words or less, sell the game of cricket to North Americans – what are they missing?

Cricket is ... strategy. A true test of every part of your body, and it’s very entertaining.

Shane Warne represents and you can find him at the tables. If you want to play online poker with a sports legend click the banner below and get in on the action at!

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