Ryan Fee demolishes PokerStars.com LAPT San Jose

6 November 2008, Created By: Arthur Crowson
Ryan Fee demolishes PokerStars.com LAPT San Jose
When players were unpacking their chips to start the final table of PokerStars.com Season 2 LAPT San Jose, chip leader Ryan Fee joked that he would suck out on everyone and win the tournament.

That's almost exactly what ended up happening.

Fee busted four of the eight players at the final table in a frantic last day of poker at the Fiesta Casino in San Jose, Costa Rica. He busted every player with a worse hand and, in two of the eliminations, got incredibly lucky.

Final Table
The group in happier times.

The final table started off innocently enough. In fact in the first hour and a half of play there wasn't a single elimination. Fans and media members alike were starting to get impatient with the slow-as-molasses final table, and we started to believe we were in for a long one.

The most excitement that happened in the first two hours of play was Brent Sheirbon putting all his chips in the middle on a bluff with 7-2. He eventually made his opponent, Jesus Bertoli, lay his hand down and he got applause from players and fans alike when he showed the bluff.

Maria Stern
Sadly, the most popular player at LAPT San Jose was also the first to go.

At around 2 p.m. the speed of the game changed drastically. Maria Stern, who had been playing the short stack to protection, finally got unlucky as she shoved her K-Q right into Jeff Patronack's pocket queens. The queens held up and the only lady at the final table was eliminated by a pair of ladies.

The always classy Stern took her elimination in stride and even donated a percentage of her winnings to the Shark Club here in Costa Rica, which looks after the endangered species.

As soon as Stern was eliminated it was like the floodgates had opened.

Brent Sheirbon
Brent Sheirbon plays 7-2 like the nuts, yo!

Norwegian Claus Rasmussen (no relation to Santa Claus, that he told us anyways) was eliminated when he made an ill-timed shove with Q-7 versus Joel Micka's KK.

Then it was time for the sickness that is Ryan Fee.

In what could only be described as the suck-out of the tournament, Patronack got it all-in with A K versus A K. Standard chop pot right?

Not so fast. The board came an epic J T 8 Q 9, giving Fee a royal flush. Amazingly enough Patronack made a straight flush on the board but still lost!

The moral of the story? Always bet on black, baby!

Just 15 minutes later Fee managed another massive suck-out when he called an all-in shove by Andrew Chen worth $300,000. Fee could only manage 8-8 versus Chen's QQ. Fee hit a straight on the turn and Chen was drawing dead. The shocked Canadian could only shake his head in disbelief as he headed for the payout booth.

Next player to die by the sword of Fee was Jesus Bertoli. The popular Venezuelan got it in good with A-4 versus Fee's K-Q. This wasn't a huge suck-out but Fee still managed to hit two pair on the flop and eliminate Bertoli on the turn. The entire room couldn't believe Fee's fortune and truly thought he might be unbeatable on this particular day.

Jeff Patronack
Jeff Patronack likely has nightmares about A-K now.

By this time it was becoming clear that Fee had basically secured a spot in heads-up play and Brent Sheirbon was barely holding on. Fee had considerably more than the two remaining players (Sheirbon and Micka) combined.

It was actually Micka who ended up busting Sheirbon, but it didn't change the chip counts too drastically.

Going into heads-up play Fee had $1.4 million in front of him while Micka had $705,000.

Although we'd had a good look at Fee throughout this tournament (it was hard to miss the loud kid who was winning pots left and right), we didn't know quite as much about Micka.

Joel Micka
Heads-up warrior Joel Micka.

Turns out the dude is a heads-up sit-and-go specialist, so we thought it might turn into a long heads-up battle.

That's how it looked at first as Micka slowly started winning pots from Fee and the chip differential slowly started to evaporate.

It wasn't to be for Micka, however, as even the skilled heads-up player couldn't overcome Fee's red-hot run-good.

Ryan Fee

In the final hand the two players got into a raising war pre-flop and Fee decided to ship it with A T. Micka made the call with 4 4 and it was a race for a quarter million dollars.

It's probably obvious how this one turned out but the board came K Q 7 8 ... A! It's likely an ace on the river had never been sweeter for Fee.

And that was it. In less than four hours we went from eight players to a winner. We've seen money bubbles that took longer to burst than this entire final table.

We here at PokerListings would like to thank Mike Ward and his staff for running a great event here in Costa Rica. PokerStars also has to be given some credit for providing a massive $233,000 overlay for the event to keep the game growing in the area.

LAPT Season 2 looks like it will be an incredible success so we suggest you log onto PokerStars and try to win your way into one of these things. Maybe you too can know what it feels like to be Fee!






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