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Share Your Big Hands with ShareMyPair

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03 April 2014
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One of the worst things about poker is the countless bad-beat stories you run into in nearly every level of the game.

No one really wants to hear bad beat stories but even when players are retelling hands it’s an excruciatingly-long process that tends to be riddled with errors.

Put it simply: people are terrible at talking about poker hands.

Anyone who’s experienced “…and then the turn came trey of spades… Or was it a deuce? …Actually I think it was the king of clubs…” knows what we are talking about it.

New app ShareMyPair attempts to streamline the process by letting a poker players cram all their hand details into the program and ending up with a slick animated video of the hand, similar to online poker hand replayers.

Best of all you’ll usually be able to watch the complete hand in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

The service has already been utilized by noted pros such as Phil Hellmuth and Jonathan Little who shared a few key hands.

Slick App if You're Patient Enough to Enter a Lot of Info

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth uses ShareMyPair.

We played around with the app for a couple hours and thought the overall experience was pretty solid.

The problem with these kinds of apps is that the average poker hand (and most live note-talking apps, actually) actually has a ton of information.

In a worst-case scenario you’re entering nine hole cards, nine stack sizes, five community cards, four betting rounds and a large number of bets and raises.

In that scenario you’re potentially entering 50 different pieces of information, when you include every suit of card and all bets, which is going to take some time.

On the bright side ShareMyPair handles the way you input information very well with cards on a slider while suits are presented on the same screen in a different slider.

But because it takes so much time you have to think it’s somewhat limited to poker pros, who have a ton of followers, or maybe home game addicts who want to heckle their friends or showcase a particular hand.

ShareMyPair is available for iOS on the appstore and Google Play for Android.

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