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Man, I have so much to talk about this time so expect to keep reading for a while...

I'll start with WPT Barcelona. I got through day one of the main event with 50k or so in chips which was top 15 out of 120 left I think. Day 1 went pretty smooth from the start, I picked up some hands, got paid etc. Had 3 key hands that day which I think were all pretty interesting:

Hand 1: I have about 23k after chipping up from 15k starting stack. I had been pretty active at the table but also showing down fairly strong hands and no big bluffs. Marc Goodwin, a good British player, is to my immediate right.

He's a typical live pro, has reasons for everything he does, but sometimes his logic can be very flawed even if it makes sense in his mind. He had been very active, accumulating well and sitting on around 25k.

The blinds are 150-300/25. Our table had been playing very tight for the most part, with not many re-raises or flops.

Marc raises utg to 800. Ok, so ur prolly thinking I need a very good hand to continue, which under normal circumstances I would, but he had been opening utg the last 5 orbits, and sometimes showing one card like a random 7. so I'm pretty sure his opening range is pretty wide still.

I look down at 4 6 utg+1 and decide to re-raise to 2750. This is not something I do very often, but it was such a perfect spot for me to come over the top cuz he HAS to put me on a huge hand.

I also think that he's gonna do the good ole live pro 'call hoping to set mine or hit a good flop against me to stack my overpair without getting right odds to do so' move.

Marc Goodwin
Marc Goodwin: Typical live pro.

So I will be able to take down the pot on the flop a ton of the time, and I can also hit a really disguised flop if I'm lucky. Comes back around to him and he calls relatively quickly... no surprise there.

Flop: Qd-Td-5x

He checks. (which i'm 99% sure he's gonna do no matter what he has so that doesn't tell me anything.) I obviously flop huge here and I'm trying to think what my best line is against him. I think he can easily have a hand like AQ that he's just not folding cuz he doesn't like to give me credit for a hand very often.

I also think he can have KJ and might check-raise me on the flop. TT is also a possibility, but for the most part I think he just has some random pocket pair or suited connectors that whiffed and will fold the flop.

So I decide that I kinda wanna get some more chips outta my flush draw (as weird as that sounds lol), so I decide to check behind planning to shove on any turn bet hoping he thinks I'm on AK and bets out with whatever he has and then realizes I was slow-playing the flop with an overpair or QQ.

There's no way hes gonna call a turn shove even if he thinks I have AK. He's just not that type. I also don't wanna get check-raised on the flop and blown off my hand, because any check-raise on his part commits him, so I won't have fold equity anymore.

Turn: 9

Beautiful card, completing my flush, and also making it much more possible for him to have hit some part of that board. He checks again. I was pretty sure that he was giving in at this point, but I had to protect my hand.

So I bet 4300 into 6k or so just hoping for him to do something stupid. To my surprise, he insta shoves!! Kinda scared me... but I obviously call and he shows 9s... awesome, ship 45k pot myyyy way please!

River: Blank

So after this hand, Marc is down to 4k or so and he's really pissed off at me for 'getting lucky and hitting the only card in the deck that he gives me action on'... I just laugh cuz I win the pot on any card but the last 9 in the deck that doesn't complete my flush and that's all.

Annette Obrestad
Ship 45k pot myyyy way please!

I was betting turn and shoving river if he called regardless what came, and he can't call two more streets with 9s. So he's losing chips in that hand on 43 turn cards and 42 river cards which is pretty funny if u ask me.

He then goes on tilt a little bit but manages to get his stack back up to 25k or so by getting some ridiculous calls and getting some good cards.

Hand 2: Last level of the day. 200-400/50

I look down at AK offsuit which is a big hand with my image lol. So I raise it to 1050 utg+2. Guy two to my left... apparently a rich guy with tons of money and a friend of Marc re-raises to 4500 or so with 20k behind.

I really had no idea what to do here... folding felt incredibly weak, and I think he was getting tired of me raising every single hand it was folded to me after Marc doubled me up earlier.

So I just ship it in expecting to be racing a fair amount of the time, and getting folds the rest. He shrugs his shoulders and says 'ok, gamble' and calls. I'm like... ahhh dear, good game 25k of my stack. He turns over QJ offsuit!

I can't help myself. I go 'WHAT????!?!?!?!' cuz I was so surprised. Obviously I'm delighted that he called until the Q rolled off on the flop and I bricked the turn and river. I got really mad... don't ask why, but I had been on a really bad run for a loooong time and I flipped out.

I calmed down after 20 min or so staring at the chips that shoulda been mine and given me the chip lead in the tournament. Instead I was down to 25k again. Sigh.

Hand 3: So last hand of the day. I told Marc when they stopped the clock to play the last 5 hands of the day that I'm probably gonna mess up cuz I like to spew the last hands lol.

Still 200-400/50.

I'm on the SB with AK... oh god, told ya eh... one guy limps for 400. Marc raises to 1600 on the button. I really really reeally don't wanna play this hand at this point, and I definitely don't wanna see a flop with it OOP against him, so I reraise to 6500 pretty much telling him I'm not going anywhere and that I just wanna get the hand over with.

It's probably pretty exploitable against very strong players who will know I have AK here and fold anything but KK+, but Marc isn't like that. Limper folds, comes back to Marc, he shoves ... sighhhhhhhhhhh.

I snap-call cuz I'm never ever folding after putting in 25% of my stack preflop with AK on a reraise. I show my hand and he says 'I KNEW I was ahead, and slams his 7s on the table. wtffff, like, lol, his logic doesn't make any sensssssse.

Annette Obrestad
Never ever folding after putting in 25&
37; of her stack preflop with AK on a reraise.#

He told me he thought I had AT, AJ, AQ, AK and maybe small pairs. LOL again. First of all I'm folding AT, AJ to his single raise preflop, all pairs im prolly set mining. I'm never gonna turn AQ into a bluff by reraising cuz I wont be able to call a shove.

And If I did reraise light I'm not gonna reraise that much of my stack and fold to a shove the last hand of the day to put me on tilt before the next day. So my real range there is QQ+ and AK. I wouldn't say ur 7s do very well against that range, Marc ... I'm sorry.

He gets punished for his bad play when I hit a K on the flop to win the pot and then he starts going off on me again telling me how bad i am and that I'm the biggest lucksack in the world and that all I do is run good. Whatever ... go beat ur mates in the GUPT instead or whatever that tourney series over there is called lol.

Good way to end the day.

Day two didn't go so well tho. I start out with Patrik Antonius to my right with a big stack. I try reraising him once about an hour after we start playing but he obviously 4bets me and I'm too much of a wuss to shove with my Q8o so I fold. After that I win a small pot and get moved to a new table

Still have 50k. Blinds 500-1000/100

I raise to 2600 with A T utg+1. Don't really have any reads on the table but figure it's good enough to raise with regardless. I get 4 callers ... yay... not. I'm pretty much done with the hand unless I flop a monster.

Flop Tx-9d-4d

Hmm ... not bad huh. I bet out 8500 definitely not planning to fold my top pair top kicker with the nut flush draw. Guy to my left insta-throws in all his 5k chips which totaled about 40k leaving himself with 10k or so.

Comes back to me. I cant fold so I ship, he calls and I lose to his 9s. A lot of ppl have been asking me why I didnt put him on a set when he bet like that and my thinking was that if I had a set in his spot I would at least give it some thought.

Maybe hope the ppl behind came into the pot because they only had between 20-30k so there's no way they're ever just calling 8500 on the flop, which is a good argument for flat calling and slow playing the set knowing that the action is opened back up to him again if someone shoves and that I will most likely stick my chips in if I have an over pair either way.

So I really thought his range would be more weighted towards the same kind of combo draw I had, with hands like Jd8d, QdJd. QdKd, 7d8d, 8d6d or maybe T9s. Which I have crushed. Even if his range is only one or two of those combinations and sets I'm still getting like 2.7-1 to call only needing a little over 3-1, so it's definitely the right call regardless, just unfortunate.

After that I went and signed up for the 300 euro rebuy plo tourney to tilt away some money, but I ended up taking third in it instead for 16,600 euros which felt really nice. I also got deep in the 1k and the 2k events, but no luck late.

After Spain I went straight to Portugal for the Betfair Portugese Poker Tour (BPPT). I thought it was gonna be a really boring event since the buy-in was so low, and I didn't know anyone else going. I ended up meeting some really cool ppl there tho.


One of them being a member of the Betfair Poker Portugese team, Roberto. We had lots of fun all week and we got along really well. He was to my surprise also a very talented, good player. I railed him for a whole day in the side event after I busted out the first hand when I flopped an open-ended straight-flush draw and got it in vs top pair ... lol.

But I do think he has potential and is definitely someone to look out for the next couple of years. Guess what? He also ended up winning that tourney! Congrats on that ... I know you'll be reading this.

Wanna thank you for a nice time in Portugal and for making my stay there much better than expected. Look forward to seeing u again soon! And that also goes for the rest of u that I met there. (Thanks for the earring Mafalda :) I will now be happpppy when Betfair sends me to Portugal next time!

That's it for this time. I could've written another 4 pages from that trip but I'm exhausted and have a flight in 7 hours to Spain for the Spanish open before going to Vegas for a month. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

-- Annette

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