Poker Gimmick of the Week: LOL Bwin SNG Gamblements

24 November 2010, Created By:
Poker Gimmick of the Week: LOL Bwin SNG Gamblements

Don't get us wrong; we love gambling. A high luck component ensures losing players will win sometimes, and continue to play.

If there is a point when the luck factor becomes too high, and we're not saying there is, Bwin has reached it with their many SNG gimmicks.

Today we're going to examine three of their super-gambly Sit and Go formats and let you know whether they're worth your time.

Howard Lederer
Lederer preparing lawsuit over copyright infringement on use of the word Tilt.

MAD Tilt All-In SNGs

Offered from $1.20 to $11 the MAD Tilt All-In Sit and Go's pit ten players against one another in an all-out gamble-fest. Here are the stats.

  • Players: 10
  • Starting stack: 60 chips
  • Level: 3 minutes
  • Payouts: Winner take all

Bwin promotes this as a way of letting off steam if you're suffering from temporary tilt. In our opinions this structure is just going to enrage you further as it's tailor-made for bad beats.

Starting with three big blinds, and levels of just 3 minutes, you're going to have to get it in fast and frequently.

On the bright side it's going to be over quickly, one way or another.

Strategy Tip: Step 1: Move all-in. Step 2: Cross fingers. Step 3: Repeat.

Allen Kessler
Kessler preparing lawsuit over too many bad beats.

Coinflip SNGs

If the previously described structure was mad this one is utterly insane, like Gary Busey-level insane.

Try this on for size:

  • Players: Heads-up and five-man
  • Levels: None
  • Starting stack: 1 chip
  • Payouts: Winner take all
That's right, a one-hand SNG. This is gambling distilled down to its purest form. Just pay the juice and you get to flip a coin.

If you're a losing player you might want to consider this. The rake is half what they normally charge and you can blame losses 100% on variance.

Strategy Tip: No strategy required. Run-good or GTFO.

Greg Raymer
Raymer preparing libel lawsuit against over misrepresentation of eating habits.

Bounce SNGs

Perhaps the wackiest gimmick we've seen, Bounce SNGs have blinds that alternate from really small to really big each level.

  • Players: 6
  • Levels: 3 minutes
  • Starting stack: 2,000
  • Payouts: 1st - 70%, 2nd - 30%

When playing Bounce sit and gos you're going to see your M go up and down faster than Greg Raymer's chop sticks at an all-you-can-eat BBQ pork buffet.

Level 1 has blinds of 10/20 before skyrocketing to 100/200 + 20 ante in Level 2. Level 3 it's at 15/30 while Level 4 shoots to 200/400 with a 40 ante, and so on.

Gone are the early stages of the tournament when you can sit back and auto-pilot while watching the ESPN broadcast of the WSOP Main Event.

Strategy Tip: Push/fold poker is the name of the game here as there's a ton of chips up for grabs every other level. Also, if you have to get up to go to the bathroom make sure you do it on the low-blind level.

If you like action we can guarantee there's plenty of it on Bwin. Click through here for the best sign-up bonus available and get in on that sweet gambly poker.



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