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Phil Ivey Interview from WPT London VIDEO

Created By: Matthew Showell
31 August 2010
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog, Tournament Trail

Tatjana Pasolic over at PartyPoker just knocked out a nice little interview with Mr. Phil Ivey at the ongoing WPT London event and we've got it right here for you to watch.

Tatjana and Phil seem to get along just fine as they discuss the pros and cons of golfing in England's, shall we say, precipitation-prone climate, as well as what it's like to know you're going to win an event before you're even in the money.

Phil Ivey video interviews aren't exactly common and that's just the way Ivey likes it. It's interesting though, because whenever he's on camera he comes off as cool and collected. It's certainly not nerves or a lack of interesting banter that's standing in the way.

Here's hoping he gets himself in front of the camera a little more often. Ditto for Tatjana.

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