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Matt Stout's Vegas House Tour - VIDEO

Created By: Matt Stout
11 May 2010
Posted in: Matt Stout's Allinat420 Blog, Industry Insider

We were in Las Vegas last week and stopped by our favorite blogger Matt Stout's house to check out his new digs.

He recently bought Paul Wasicka's house in Spanish Trail and after seeing it we have to say, we're a little big jealous. Check out the video and tell us what you think of the crib in the comments below.

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ashwandadon 2010-07-05 02:43:06

Wow all-in i just saw you win a 22k seat to the PL t.v show congrats. Now im watchin you be chip leader in a bellagio cup sat. congrats a real inspiration to me ty.

Jen 2010-05-20 23:12:24

Matt, for the record, you rock! Just sayin'. I think it's something about good genes... :)

RAZA14 2010-05-17 04:06:24

OMG@ all the haters HUDs Mark and oliver .... Awsume house bro!! you obv deserve it.. You tha man, not only a great player also a nice person My girl and I will be visiting soon, lounging in the swimmingpool. Peace ......

TCNJSTOUTfan 2010-05-17 03:47:38

Stout is the fucking man!

Haters be jealous.

Keep it real and rep NJ.. proud of you, you worked hard for this shit man. You deserve it and are an inspiration!

aLL iN aT 420jR 2010-05-16 18:20:28

Mark & Oliver u must be kidding me. Who gives a fck what he's wearing or if his breathing isn't up to par (for obv reasons--4:20, also the length of the video--nice touch). And also if you follow at all he has a gf, so there goes that theory. Tards..

O d khaki 2010-05-16 11:23:31

I met Matt Stout and he is as real as he says. As far as what he is wearing, unless you are gay, does it matter. And this "get in shape, grow your hair to decent length, and cut the hair off your face; and then a girl might talk to u." Hate hate hate, Anybody who grows their hair long is odd, and this dude is a grinder folks, he's a poker player he doesn't have to get in shape, and facial hair is the last thing on his mind. Plus you can't play like stout so you'd never be in his shoes. -O d Khaki and I am out. peace

JamesDub_15lbsnuts 2010-05-16 08:44:15

So hows your mother's basement Oliver and Mark?

Matt Stout 2010-05-15 23:28:57

I nominate Katt Williams as my spokesman here:


Cal Shipken Jr. 2010-05-14 18:19:54

Cal Shipken sees a gf in the video with Stout, and a hater talking trash in the comment box.

Oliver 2010-05-14 18:05:31

wow, he starts breathing hard and sweating from walking around the damn house for 5 minutes. he can have millions but i'd still be depressed as hell if I was in his shoes. get in shape, grow your hair to decent length, and cut the hair off your face; and then a girl might talk to u.