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Kevmath > Klout: The Real Top 10 Social Media Players in Poker

Please welcome new guest writer Kevin Mathers, aka Kevmath, poker forum guru and all-around fount of information.

Earlier this month, PokerListings posted an article listing the ten biggest social media players in poker. The list was provided by Klout, a company that measures social media influence by tracking users' Tweets, Facebook posts, FourSquare checkins, etc.

If you've taken a look, there are several interesting choices. The obvious #1 choice is Daniel Negreanu, surely the most powerful professional poker player today, but when you look further down the list, a few names stand out.

Howard Lederer? Phil Ivey? Andy Bloch? Maybe they're using some super-secret accounts only Klout knows about.

When the list was rediscovered earlier this week on Twitter, discussion centered on who should actually be considered.

PokerListings decided to ask me for some guidance, so here's my attempt at the top ten social media players in poker, not necessarily in numerical order.

Note: The list doesn't include members of the poker media.

Daniel Negreanu

1. Daniel Negreanu

The obvious top choice as the main face of PokerStars. Negreanu influences the poker community through his blogs, tweets and relentless media effort.

Twitter Followers: 142,812

Facebook: Interest Page - 27,824, Athlete Page: 19,688


Matthew Savage

2. Matt Savage

The World Poker Tour head tournament director combines responses to questions regarding rulings, busting Matt Affleck's balls on the links and his wife's obsession with Tim Tebow into an entertaining Twitter feed.

Twitter Followers: 15,959

Facebook Fans: 1,236

Doyle Brunson 6

3. Doyle Brunson

The Poker Hall of Famer has cut down on the blonde jokes but he's not afraid to offer his thoughts on sports, poker or the world around him.

Twitter Followers: 382,777



Jean-Robert Bellande

4. Jean-Robert Bellande

He's allegedly broke, but he's not living like a dollar millionaire.  

Twitter Followers: 30,913



Jason Mercier

5. Jason Mercier

He may not have created the #whenwillitend hashtag, but he made it his own after another seven-figure year. Also good at #mashing. 

Twitter Followers: 33,970

Facebook: 9,697


erik seidel 2

6. Erik Seidel

Winning over $6.5m this year hasn't stopped the Seiborg from dropping amusing Tweets.

Twitter Followers: 35,140

Facebook Fans: 3,525



7. Jack Effel

THE go-to guy for all questions, problems and concerns at the World Series of Poker.

Twitter Followers: 7,742



Phil Hellmuth

8. Phil Hellmuth

Worth the "follow" for his name-dropping and random usage of quotation marks.

Twitter Followers: 105,394

Facebook Fans: 32,685



Matt Glantz

9. Matt Glantz

The high-stakes regular stepped up his Twitter game in 2011 with his jabs at his fellow pros, especially Allen Bari.

Twitter Followers: 9,132



Shane Schleger

10. Shane Schleger

This online grinder typified players affected most by Black Friday. Schleger's adventures in Canada and Mexico along with his popular blog make his Twitter feed popular.

Twitter Followers: 3,675



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