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Jason Mercier VLog: WSOPE 2010 Main Event Day 1A

Created By: Jason Mercier
23 September 2010
Posted in: Jason Mercier Poker Blog, Tournament Trail

Jason Mercier is playing Day 1A of the 2010 WSOPE Main Event and he checked in, along with his good friend Dan O'Brien, in this quick video blog.

They've both got stories from their tables today as well as an update on what they're up to in London. Check it out.

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free poker bankroll 2010-10-20 09:48:16

Yes words on the street.. but i don't really think so.

Lollerskates 2010-10-09 09:33:35

definite butt buddies.. and this dan obrien guy blows at poker and thinks he is entitled to an opinion.. go write on 2+2

orbevets 2010-09-24 20:36:33

Word on the street is that these two are dating...