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It's Good to be Phil Galfond

Created By: Matthew Showell
19 October 2009
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Slides are cool

Ask nine out of ten children what they want in life and they're going to say a slide in their living rooms. The sad thing is that 8.9 out of ten kids' dreams of slides go unfulfilled. Phil Galfond has given hope to children worldwide, however, by installing a slide in his living room.

Maybe his parents used to tell him that the house wasn't a jungle gym and he vowed to prove them wrong. Maybe he needed an escape route from the bedroom and the stairs just didn't cut it.

Whatever the motivation, the result is sheer awesomeness. Some people might argue the aesthetics of having a giant metal tube coming through the ceiling into your living room but I say to them, "Shut up."

Galfond is finally doing something worthwhile with his poker winnings. Watches and cars are all well and good but nothing says, "I've got too much money," like a giant slide built into your living room.

Check out Galfond's blog for a couple more pics of his condo.

-- Matthew Showell

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Sean Lind 2009-10-22 07:42:00


That's just because of the angle of that other shot. I have multiple pictures here taken from multiple cameras at multiple different times, all showing the slide.

In fact, it's much more hardcore than it looks in these pics, nearly vertical at the top.

Unfortunately these other pics are in private facebook albums, I don't think it would be just for us to share anything that isn't set to public by the owners.

Al 2009-10-22 01:05:00

Call me a doubter, but the pics in the blog don't match up.

The first is a shot from the kitchen area and clearly shows a slide in front of the sofa. In the background is a small table with red chairs.

The second pic is taken from that small table. From this direction, we see a TV in front of the sofa, but no slide.

Rick James 2009-10-20 06:16:00

The reasons were that he couldn't find an apartment big enough that he liked. So he bought apartments that were one on top of the other and connected them via stairs and a slide.

Makes sense to me.

Matt Showell 2009-10-20 05:34:00

If any of you guys are doubters we've seen pics of girls in the slide in the living room, so there is no photoshop trickery involved.