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How to Mod Your Full Tilt Poker Client

Created By: Sean Lind
05 November 2009
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matrix table

All true geeks of the world share an understanding of one very important principal: no matter what it is, it's always better after it's been modded, customized and hacked.

Being a true geek, I've come to the conclusion that using the standard images and sounds that ship with the standard Full Tilt client just won't do.

The beauty of modding your Full Tilt client is that it's actually very simple and will only take as much time as you're willing to put into it.

The first thing to understand is this is 100% legal. Full Tilt ships its software with its sounds and images unprotected and easily accessible. Only you can see the changes you make and it does not affect the game play in any way.

The First Step

Regardless of which way you choose to mod your client, the first step is the same. The golden rule for modding or hacking is universal: back up everything before you do anything.

Backup your files

The only folder you're going to be working with is the Graphics folder found in the Full Tilt program folder. On most computers the Full Tilt program folder can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics

Copy this folder to someplace safe, like your desktop. This way if anything goes wrong, or you just want to revert back to normal, you can simply copy the folder back (or if all else fails, re-install the program to reset to default).

Copying Folders

There are hundreds of people out there who have modded their clients long before you ever thought about it.

Many of these people will offer up their mods for free or for a fee, depending on how nice they are. You can find these mods in most poker forums. Just search Google to find something like this:

ftp_racetrack_dark.zip || Mirror

All you have to do is copy their folders over your own, re-start your client and you're up and running. Simple as that.

Self-Installing Mods

Some of the more tech-savvy modders out there have created a self-install program for their mods.

These are identical to the previous example, only instead of you having to click and drag folders into the correct spots, you just hit install and it does it for you.

Other than that, there are no differences between a self install and simply having someone send you a ZIP of all the files and folders.

Do It Yourself

The true geek always wants something original, something personal. Even if it sucks, it's just something you can look at and say "I did that."

For that reason, I'm going to show you how to mod the bejesus out of Full Tilt by yourself.

Everything You See Can Be Modded

You can change just about anything you see.

The more you want to change, the more time you're going to have to spend. But to make a really slick custom experience, it only takes a few hours (assuming you're decent with Photoshop).

I'll show you some of the changes I've made and how to make them. To make more, just browse through the Graphics folder and see what you recognize and would like to change.

The Log In

The first screen you see when you start up Full Tilt is the Log-In screen (unless you have it automatically log you in). This is the first screen I've made changes on. The default screen looks like this:

FT Lobby stock

Since that's not very much fun, I made just a few changes:

FT Lobby mod

The biggest change is turning Patrik Antonius into Mr. Burns. To do this browse to:

C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\Log-In\Pro-Antonius.png

In there you'll see the photo of Antonius. You want to open that photo and replace Patrik with Mr. Burns (Or whatever you'd like to put there. Other options I considered included: Megan Fox, Foghorn Leghorn and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man).

When editing photos you need to make sure you do not alter the actual photo size, properties or format.

The simplest way to make sure you don't do this is to open the Antonius photo in Photoshop and create a new layer. Put what you want over top of Antonius and then hide the Antonius layer:

Antonius to Burns

Save the photo over top of the old one (you've backed up the original right?) and you've finished your first mod.

As you can see I changed the Full Tilt logo to my own PokerListings logo and I've changed the Chris "Jesus" Ferguson video intro to Stewie.

These two mods will appear in the client lobby as well. You can find the files here:

Logo: C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\Logo\Logo.png

Video Cover: C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\MIA\Content\start_plate.jpg

Creating Custom Avatars

If you have avatars enabled, this can be one of the most fun things to mod. Here's an example of a Brian avatar I made for myself.

Custom Full Tilt Avatar

The first thing to note about creating a custom avatar on Full Tilt is that you will be the only user who can see it. The rest of the world will see the stock avatar your custom one is replacing.

To edit an avatar, simply head to this folder:

C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\Table\Avatars\Public

In this folder you will see 72 numbered folders. Each folder contains four images which make up each avatar's various moods.

To find your avatar to change, open the public.png picture located at the bottom of the folder.

Find your avatar and count how many places your avatar is from the left. Since the folders start at 0, if your avatar is the 15th from the left, you'll find its images in folder #14.

Open that folder and edit the image 0.png in Photoshop. Change it to whatever you would like, then save your new avatar over the old one.

You will only have your custom avatar for the one "neutral" mood unless you copy your avatar (or a separate version of the avatar) over the remaining .png images in that folder.

You can see your newly edited avatar in the avatar selection list in the Full Tilt Client.

Creating Custom Tables

Modding the log-in screen is fun, but the actual tables are where you spend 99% of your time with the client. This is where you want to spend the majority of your time modding.

Modding the table isn't quite as easy as the other items, but it's not altogether difficult either. The first thing you need to know is that there are two different types of tables on Full Tilt: Classic and RaceTrack.

Most serious poker players use the RaceTrack tables. These tables give maximum area to the playing field, instead of avatars and graphics. But it's up to you to choose which one you like best and mod accordingly.

Tables are made out of multiple parts. There's a background, table, cards, chips, pods (where your username and info is) and other random pieces. You can change as many or as few of these elements as you like.

Before we get into actually modding the tables, there is one more important thing to know. The background and the table are separate files. Each table has its own unique background, while all tables share the same table image.

While the background images are simple JPEG images, the table image is an .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic). To edit an .SVG you need vector graphic editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

In my opinion editing this is far too much work and is too limiting to be worthwhile. Instead of editing this table, replace the table file with a blank/transparent one.

This will leave all tables in the client "table less," with the chips and cards floating in space. This also allows you to add a custom table directly into the background image, giving you the freedom to mod your table separately for each background.

The Table.svg file can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\NewTable\RaceTrack\Backgrounds\Table.svg

If you would like to use a blank table, download the file below by right-clicking and choosing "save file as" or "save link as" and replace the Table.svg on your local disk.

Table.svg || Mirror

Now, it's time to create your own backgrounds. When doing this you need to decide what's more important: a cool looking table or a simple, easy-to-use table.

Most people who mod their tables do it to make things as simple as possible. The less distracting your tables are, the less likely you are to make a mistake while multi-tabling 16 tables.

Here are two tables I made for this example. I literally only spent five minutes on each one, as they are only made for this blog (so no need to point out flaws in the comments).

Matrix Custom Table

Custom Full Tilt Table

Download the Matrix table

Download the Stay Positive table

How to Install your Background into the Client

You have two options for adding your new table background into the client. The easy way is to open up any Table.jpg file found in any of the folders here:

C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\NewTable\RaceTrack\Backgrounds

Edit the file and save over the original. This will replace the table for whichever folder you opened.

If you saved over the Table.jpg file in the Green Carpet folder, when you choose Green Carpet as your table in the client, you will see your new table instead.

The true geek way to do it is to create your own folder for each background you create and add those folders into the table selection list in the client.

Steps to Adding your Folders

1. Create a folder in the backgrounds parent and name it something fitting.

2. Copy a Table.jpg file from any other folder into your new folder.

3. Edit that Table.jpg file however you want (remember to include a picture of a table if you used the blank vector graphic)

4. Save your edited picture

5. Open Backgrounds.ini in Notepad

The Backgrounds.ini file can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\NewTable\RaceTrack\Backgrounds\Backgrounds.ini

To open this file in Notepad, right click on the file and choose "Open With." Click on notepad.

You need to replace the default folders in the list and below with your own. Since the default backgrounds no longer have an actual table, you can simply remove them from the list.

Since I created two custom tables, I have both of mine in my list. Your file should look like this (with your folder names in place of mine "StayPos" and "Matrix".







MenuName="Stay Positive"

Folder="Stay Pos"







MenuName="Final Table"




You need to make sure that your backgrounds are all above "Final". And all of your tables have FinalOnly=1 as their bottom line. The one background with FinalOnly=1 is the table used for Multi Table Tournament final tables.

You can only have one final table background, and it has to be last in your list. I left mine as I found it.

6.       Open Layout.xml in Notepad.

Layout.xml can be found here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\NewTable\RaceTrack\Layout.xml

This folder is filled with settings and information. Be careful not to mess around with anything in here unless you know what you're doing.

Hit Ctrl-F and enter "Marble" into the search box. It should find the word and highlight it here (I've highlighted the section we're going to edit in yellow):

found marble

Read through the first line until you get to Red Carpet. This you need to change to the name of the folder you used as the first line in the Backgrounds.ini list.

Change that, and change the id="" to the name used for the id in the Backgrounds.ini (it should be the same as the folder).

If you have multiple backgrounds, continue to edit lines below the first in the correct order. Once you have all your folders names added, you need to remove all lines between your folders and the line with the id="Final Table".

When you're done your file should look like this (only with your folder names in place of mine):

xml edited

Hit save and you're done. Now start (or re-start) your Full Tilt Client.

When you first open a table the tables might be all white and messed up. Just right-click and choose the name of the background you would like to use.

Once you do that, you're done.

Browse around and make any more changes you like. If you have any questions, post them in the comments box below.


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鍕曠敾鍏ㄧ法銇с仚銆?涓嬭鍏ㄦ枃 鏉遍浕鍑︾悊銇枹銇欍倠绶婃€ユ彁瑷€ 闆绘皸浜嬫キ娉曠锛擄紬鏉°伄鍗虫檪寤冩銈掓眰銈併倠 锛掞紣锛戯紦骞达紤锛掓湀锛掓棩 鏉变含闆诲姏銇姳銇堛倠鍟忛銇€佽鐏借€呮悕瀹宠碃鍎熴€侀櫎鏌撱€佸粌鐐夈€佹睔鏌撴按鍑︾悊銇仼銆併亜銇俱仩閬╁垏銇В姹恒伀鍚戙亱銇c仸銇娿倝銇氥€佷粖寰屻€佸浗姘戣矤鎷呫亴銇曘倝銇嫛澶с仐銇︺亜銇忋仺瑕嬭炯銇俱倢銇俱仚銆?鏀垮簻銇€屽浗銇屽墠闈伀鍑恒倠銆嶃仺銇Э鍕倰绀恒仐銇︺亜銇俱仚銇屻€併亾銈屻伅銆佸浗姘戙伄绋庨噾銇ф澅闆汇仺閵€琛屻倰鏁戞笀銇欍倠銇ㄣ亜銇嗘剰鍛炽伀銇倞銇嬨伃銇俱仜銈撱€傛湰鏉ヨ铂浠汇倰鍙栥倠銇广亶鏍富銈勯妧琛屻亴璨换銈掑彇銇c仧涓娿仹銆併仼銇嗐仐銇︺倐瓒炽倞銇亜鍒嗐倰鍥芥皯璨犳媴銇ㄣ仚銇广亶銇с仚銆?銇撱伄銇熴倎銆佹澅浜浕鍔涖伄鐮寸痘鍑︾悊銇€侀伩銇戙仸閫氥倠銇撱仺銇仹銇嶃仾銇勮椤屻仺銇仯銇︺亜銇俱仚銆傦紙銇撱倢銇俱仹銇牬缍诲嚘鐞嗐亴銇仌銈屻仸銇勩仾銇勩亾銇ㄣ伄鏂广亴鍟忛銇с仚銆傦級 銇ㄣ亾銈嶃亴銆併亾銇嗐仐銇熶腑銆佹澅浜浕鍔涖仹銇€侀妧琛屻亱銈夈伄鍊熴倞鍏ャ倢銈掋€佽鐏借€呫伄鍌垫ī銇仼銇竴鑸偟妯┿倛銈婂劒鍏堛仌銈屻倠銆岄浕鍔涘偟銆嶃伀缃亶鎻涖亪銈嬪嫊銇嶃亴閫层倱銇с亜銇俱仚銆?銇撱倢銇€佷划銇牬缍诲嚘鐞嗐伀鑷炽仯銇熷牬鍚堛€佽鐏借€呫仾銇╀竴鑸伄鍌垫ī鑰呫倰鍒囥倞鎹ㄣ仸銆侀妧琛屻仾銇╀竴閮ㄥ埄瀹抽枹淇傝€呫伄鍒╃泭銇犮亼銈掑劒鍏堢殑銇畧銈嶃亞銇ㄣ伄鍕曘亶銇ㄨ€冦亪銇栥倠銈掑緱銇氥€佺湅閬庛仹銇嶃仾銇勪簨鎱嬨仹銇欍€?鏉变含闆诲姏銇牬缍诲嚘鐞嗐伀鍚戙亼銇熸帾缃倰鏃╂€ャ伀閫层倎銈嬨伖銇嶃仹銇欍亴銆併伨銇氥€併仢銈屻伀鍏堛仩銇ょ穵鎬ュ蹇溿仺銇椼仸銆侀浕姘椾簨妤硶绗紦锛楁潯銈掑嵆鏅傚粌姝仐銆併亾銈屼互涓娿伄闆诲姏鍌电櫤琛屻倰姝倎銈嬨亾銇ㄣ倰鎻愯█銇椼伨銇欍€?闆绘皸浜嬫キ娉曠锛擄紬鏉°伀銇€佷竴鑸浕姘椾簨妤€呫伄銇裤伀閬╃敤銇曘倢銆佹柊瑕忓弬鍏ャ仚銈嬶及锛帮汲锛堢壒瀹氳妯¢浕姘椾簨妤€咃級銇伅閬╃敤銇曘倢銇亜銇ㄣ伄鍟忛銈傘亗銈娿伨銇欍€傜浜夈倰淇冮€层仚銈嬭Τ鐐广亱銈夈倐銆併亾銇潯闋呫伅寤冩銇欍伖銇嶃仹銇欍€?锛堝弬鑰冿級 锛戙€€闆绘皸浜嬫キ娉曪紦锛楁潯 锛堜竴鑸媴淇濓級 绗笁鍗佷竷鏉°€€涓€鑸浕姘椾簨妤€呫仧銈嬩細绀俱伄绀惧偟妯╄€咃紙绀惧偟銆佹牚寮忕瓑銇尟鏇裤伀闁仚銈嬫硶寰嬶紙骞虫垚鍗佷笁骞存硶寰嬬涓冨崄浜斿彿锛夌鍏崄鍏潯绗竴鍙枫伀瑕忓畾銇欍倠鐭湡绀惧偟銇ぞ鍌垫ī鑰呫倰闄ゃ亸銆傦級銇€併仢銇細绀俱伄璨$敚銇仱銇勩仸浠栥伄鍌垫ī鑰呫伀鍏堛仩銇ゃ仸鑷繁銇偟妯┿伄寮佹笀銈掑彈銇戙倠妯╁埄銈掓湁銇欍倠銆?锛?銆€鍓嶉爡銇厛鍙栫壒妯┿伄闋嗕綅銇€佹皯娉曪紙鏄庢不浜屽崄涔濆勾娉曞緥绗叓鍗佷節鍙凤級銇瀹氥伀銈堛倠涓€鑸伄鍏堝彇鐗规ī銇銇愩倐銇仺銇欍倠銆?銉汇亾銈屻伀銈堛倞銆佷竴鑸浕姘椾簨妤€咃紙鏉变含闆诲姏銇仼锛夈亴鐧鸿銇欍倠绀惧偟銇ぞ鍌垫ī鑰呫伅銆佷竴鑸浕姘椾簨妤€呫伄鍏ㄨ病鐢c伀銇ゃ亶銆佷粬銇偟妯╄€呫伀鍎厛銇椼仸寮佹笀銈掑彈銇戙倝銈屻倠銆?銉婚浕姘椾簨妤ō鍌欍伕銇姇璩囥伀銇帿澶с仾璩囬噾銈掕銇欍倠銇撱仺銇嬨倝銆佽硣閲戣閬斻倰瀹规槗銇仚銈嬨仧銈併€併亾銇瀹氥亴瑷亼銈夈倢銇熴€?銉汇亾銇倛銇嗐伀銆佷竴鑸媴淇濅粯绀惧偟銇櫤琛屻亴瑾嶃倎銈夈倢銈嬨伄銇€佹澅浜浕鍔涖仾銇╀竴鑸浕姘椾簨妤€呫伄銇汇亱銆侊籍锛达即銆侊吉锛层仾銇┿伀闄愩倝銈屻倠銆傞浕姘椾簨妤€呫仹銇傘仯銇︺倐銆佹柊瑕忓弬鍏ャ仚銈嬶及锛帮汲锛堢壒瀹氳妯¢浕姘椾簨妤€咃級銇伅鐧鸿銇岃獚銈併倝銈屻仾銇勩€?锛掋€€鏉变含闆诲姏銇硣閲戣閬斿厛 锛堝嚭鎵€锛夈€屾澅浜浕鍔涙牚寮忎細绀俱伀淇傘倠鍘熷瓙鍔涙悕瀹炽伄璩犲劅銇枹銇欍倠鍥姐伄鏀彺绛夈伄瀹熸柦鐘舵硜銇仱銇勩仸銆嶏紙骞虫垚25骞?0鏈?6鏃ヤ細瑷堟鏌婚櫌鍫卞憡锛?銉绘澅浜浕鍔涖伕銇噾铻嶆闁紙鏃ユ湰鏀跨瓥鎶曡硣閵€琛屼互澶栵級銇瀺璩囥伅銆佸緭鍓嶃€佺劇鎷呬繚銇ц銈忋倢銇︺亶銇熴亴銆佸師鐧轰簨鏁呫伀銈堛倞淇$敤鍔涖亴浣庝笅銇椼仧銇熴倎銆佺鍕熷偟銇倛銈嬫柊銇熴仾璩囬噾瑾块仈銈广偔銉笺儬銇屼綔銈夈倢銇熴€?銉讳細瑷堟鏌婚櫌鍫卞憡銇倛銈嬨仺銆佺鍕熷偟銇櫤琛屾畫楂樸伅锛掞紩骞达紦鏈堟湯銇э紬锛岋紥锛栵紨鍎勫唵銇仾銇c仸銇勩倠銆傘仌銈夈伀銆併€屻偍銈炽儙銉熴偣銉堛€嶈浜嬶紙锛戯紤鏈堬紩鏃ュ彿锛夈伀銈堛倢銇般€侊紪鏈堟湯銇э紬锛岋紮锛曪紩鍎勫唵銇仈銇椼仸銇勩倠銇ㄣ仌銈屻倠銆?璩涘悓鑰呫€€銆€锛堜簲鍗侀煶闋嗭級 椋敯鍝蹭篃銆€銆€鐠板銈ㄣ儘銉偖銉兼斂绛栫爺绌舵墍鎵€闀?妞嶇敯鍜屽紭銆€銆€浜兘澶у鏁欐巿 澶ф灄銉熴偒銆€銆€鍏泭璨″洠娉曚汉鑷劧銈ㄣ儘銉偖銉艰病鍥d簨妤眬闀?宀搞€€鍗氬垢銆€銆€鎱舵噳缇╁【澶у鏁欐巿 鍙よ硛鑼傛槑銆€銆€鍏冪祵娓堢敚妤渷澶ц嚕瀹樻埧浠?閳存湪鑹敺銆€銆€鍏冩棴銉偟銉笺儊銈汇兂銈裤兗绀鹃暦 閳存湪銆€浜樸€€銆€瀛︾繏闄㈠ぇ瀛︾祵娓堝閮ㄦ暀鎺?楂欐娲嬩竴銆€銆€鍢夋偊澶у鏁欐巿 閲庢潙淇篃銆€銆€涓ぎ澶у娉曠澶у闄㈡暀鎺堛兓寮佽澹?鍘熴€€鑻卞彶銆€銆€鏍紡浼氱ぞ鏀跨瓥宸ユ埧浠h〃鍙栫窢褰圭ぞ闀?绂忎簳绉€澶€€銆€鏀跨瓥鐮旂┒澶у闄㈠ぇ瀛︽暀鎺?灞卞磶绂忓銆€銆€鏃ユ湰澶у绲屾笀瀛﹂儴鏁欐巿 锛堬紤锛掓湀锛掓棩鏅傜偣锛?銈裤偘锛?鏉变含闆诲姏 鎰忚銈掕銈€ 0 銇撱伄瑷樹簨銈掔瓎鑰呫伄銈点偆銉堛仹瑾個 銆屾牳銇偞銉熴€嶃仯銇︿綍

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2012骞?鏈?鏃ワ紙鏃ワ級 2325 锝?2420 鍑烘紨鑰?鏉遍噹骞告不 鍕濅浚宸炲拰 銈兗銉夈儶銉兼槬鏃? 銉椼儵銈广優銈ゃ儕銈瑰博姗?銆屾澅闆诲嚘鐞嗐伀闁仚銈嬬穵鎬ユ彁瑷€銆嶃伄銇婄煡銈夈仜銇с仚

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銆屻偓銉笺儷銈恒儷銉笺儷銆?鐧哄2涓?銈姐儖銉笺兓銉熴儱銉笺偢銉冦偗銉偝銉笺偤 鍒濆洖鐢熺敚闄愬畾鐩?锛?锛夈€€1600鍐?鍒濆洖鐢熺敚闄愬畾鐩?锛?锛夈€€1600鍐?鍒濆洖鐢熺敚闄愬畾鐩?锛?锛夈€€1600鍐?閫氬父鐩わ紙 銇伩锛夈€€1000鍐?銆屾銇伝銇┿亞銇俱亜銆嶃仺銇俱仹瑷€銈忋倢銈嬨儧銉嗐儷銈兗銈儵銇€屻儠銉兂銉併儓銉笺偣銉堛€嶃伅鏈綋銇湩鍊掔殑銇亰銇勩仐銇曘仩銇c仧

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銆庢鍕曟垿澹偓銉炽儉銉犮€忋伀鍑恒仸銇忋倠銆屻儭銈矑瀛愮牪銆嶃仺銇勩亞銉撱兗銉犲叺鍣ㄣ伄銇撱仺銇仱銇勩仸璩晱銇椼伨銇欍€?銆屻儭銈矑瀛愮牪銆嶃伅鍏夐€熴伄10锛呬互涓娿伀鍔犻€熴仌銈屻仧閲嶉噾灞炵矑瀛愩倰瀹囧畽绌洪枔銇с伅涓€х矑瀛愩儞銉笺儬銆佸ぇ姘楀湉鍐呫仹銇嵎闆荤矑瀛愩儞銉笺儬銇仐銇︾櫤灏勩仚銈嬪厜绶氬叺鍣ㄣ仹銇欍€?銇椼亱銇楀ぇ姘楀湉鍐呫仹鑽烽浕绮掑瓙銇岀洿閫层仚銈嬨伀銇渶浣?000涓囷綃锝椼伄鍑哄姏銇屽繀瑕併仹銆侊辑锛筹紙銉儞銉兓銈广兗銉勨啋鍏ㄩ暦绱?0锝嶃伄浜哄瀷鍏靛櫒锛夈仹鍒濄倎銇︿娇鐢ㄥ彲鑳姐伀銇仯銇熴伄銇€岋疾锛革紞78銆€銈兂銉€銉犮€嶃亴鏈€鍒濄仩銇濄亞銇с仚銆?銇撱伄姗熶綋銇惌杓夈仌銈屻仧灏忓瀷銉婚珮鍑哄姏銇牳铻嶅悎鐐夛紙杌姐亜鍏冪礌銇倝鍏ㄣ仸鏍歌瀺鍚堝弽蹇溿倰銆併仐銇嬨倐闄藉瓙銉儥銉仹琛屻仾銇嗭級銇€g稓鐧哄皠銈傚彲鑳姐仾銉儥銉仹銇欍€傜噧鏂欍伅姘寸礌銇犮仢銇嗐仹銇欍€?銆庢鍕曟垿澹偓銉炽儉銉犮€忋伄瑷畾骞翠唬銇タ鏆︺伀鎻涚畻銇欍倠銇ㄣ€?130锝?150骞达紙銈儬銉兓銉偆鐧诲牬銇嬨倝琛屾柟涓嶆槑銇俱仹锛夈伄闋冦伄瑭便仐銇犮仢銇嗐仹銇欍€?銇撱伄涓诲焦锛汲銇噸閲忋伅100锝斾互涓嬨仹鍦颁笂璧拌閫熷害銇檪閫?00锝嬶綅瓒呫€佸ぇ姘楀湉鍐呫倰銉炪儍銉忥紥浠ヤ笂銇ч琛屻仐銇俱仚銆傛浣撱伄鑰愮啽闄愮晫銇?000鈩冧互涓娿仹銇欍€傘亾銇儹銉溿儍銉堛€?00骞村厛銇伅瀹熺従銇椼伨銇欍亱 銇濄倢銇ㄣ€屻偓銉炽儉銉犮€嶃伄娼滄按闄愮晫銇?000锝嶃仹銇欍€傝秴鍚堥噾銈兂銉€銉偊銉犲悎閲戣=銇?50锝嶏綅瀵炬垿杌婄牪銇洿鎾冦伀銈傝€愩亪銇俱仚銆傚畤瀹欑┖闁撱伅鐔辨牳銉戙儷銈广兓銈ㄣ兂銈搞兂銆佸ぇ姘楀湉鍐呫伅鐔辨牳銈搞偋銉冦儓銆佹按涓伅鐔辨牳姘存祦銈搞偋銉冦儓鎺ㄩ€层伀鍒囥倞鏇裤倧銈娿伨銇欍€?銆屻儭銈矑瀛愮牪銆嶃伅寰屻伀銆屻儚銈ゃ兓銉°偓绮掑瓙鐮层€嶃伀銇倞銆侀噸閲戝睘绮掑瓙銇厜閫熴伄60锛呰繎銇忋伀鍔犻€熴仌銈屻倠銈堛亞銇仾銈娿伨銇欍€傚▉鍔涖伅銆屻偝銉儖銉笺兓銉兗銈躲兗銆嶃伀鍖规暤銇椼€併€岋己锛恒偓銉炽儉銉犮€嶃伄蹇呮姝﹀櫒銇с仚銆備互涓娿€佷綔鍝佽В瑾仹銇椼仧銆傘€屻偓銉炽儉銉犮€嶃儠銈°兂銇偟銈ゃ儓銇ц銇广仧銇嬨倝纰恒亱銇儏鍫便仹銇欍€?銇с倐鐤戝晱銇€濄仯銇熴伄銇垿杌婄牪銈勩儫銈点偆銉倛銈娿€佸厜绶氬叺鍣ㄣ亴妗侀仌銇勩伀寮峰姏銇亾銇ㄣ仹銇欍€傛牳铻嶅悎鐐夈亴銇勩亸銈夊ぇ闆诲姏銇犮仺銇勩仯銇︺倐闄愮晫銇屻亗銈嬨伄銇с伅 鏄潪銆佺枒鍟忋伀绛斻亪銇︺亸銇犮仌銇勩€?銇濄倢銇ㄣ€屻偓銉炽儉銉犮€嶃伄涓栫晫銇с伅銉兗銈躲兗鍏靛櫒銇皬閵冦€併€屻儭銈矑瀛愮牪銆嶃伅閲嶆闁㈤妰銇裤仧銇勩仾鎵便亜銇с仚銆傚悓銇樺厜绶氬叺鍣ㄣ仹銈傚▉鍔涖伅鏁版鍔c倠鎵便亜銇с仚銆傘仢銈屻仒銈冨け绀笺仐銇俱仚銆?瀹熼殯鍟忛銆併偓銉炽儉銉犮亴鎸併仯銇︺亜銈嬨儞銉笺儬鐮层兓銉撱兗銉犮儵銈ゃ儠銉嚜浣撱亴銇勩倧銇般亾銇€屻儭銈矑瀛愮牪銆嶃仺銇汇伡鍚屻仒銇с亗銈嬨仺銇勩亞鑰冨療銇屻亗銈娿伨銇欍€?銈兂銉€銉犲叆闁€濉?銉撱兗銉犵牪銇ㄣ儭銈矑瀛愮牪銇仌銇勩仺銇? - 銈兂銉€銉?灏忋儘銈块泦

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