Getting Your Poker Fix with Poker Central’s New App (Review)

25 October 2015, Created By: Arthur Crowson
Getting Your Poker Fix with Poker Central’s New App (Review)

What if there was a Netflix entirely for poker?

That’s the feeling you get when you boot up Poker Central’s new app, which is available on a multitude of platforms including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox.

Poker Central is first and foremost a TV network but they designed the app to give poker fans a sampling of the shows that are offered on the 24/7 poker network.

The app has been getting rave reviews from the community so we decided to take a closer look at it and give you our thoughts:

What is It?

It’s a streaming app, like Netflix or HBO Go, that showcases poker.

Tony G poker central
Watching Tony G play a hand during The Big Game.

You’ll find a variety of TV shows like Poker After Dark, Premier League and Face the Ace.

It was developed by Poker Central, the new 24/7 poker network available on cable television.

poker central iphone
1. Search "Poker Central". 2. Install. 3. Done.

The app is available for nearly every device with streaming capabilities including Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and iOS (although sadly no PS4 yet).

Easy to Set Up?

Incredibly so.

Poker Central is completely free, requires no sign up and is available for nearly every popular device. If only every poker app could be so simple.

It’s a lightweight app, only requiring a hand full of megabytes, and once you've downloaded it you’ll be streaming poker TV in no time.

We tested it on both Xbox One and iPhone and downloading and installing the app was very, very easy.

Once downloaded we’ve found the app to be 100% stable and very snappy to boot.

Bottom line: The software is solid.

Is it Any Good?

Here’s where things get tough.

As it stands Poker Central simply doesn’t have enough content.

It’s a really slick system and you have to imagine more content will be added relatively quickly (remember Netflix launched with only a few dozen movies) but for the time being it just isn’t there yet.

100 greatest poker moments
A Poker Central compilation of clips.

As of October, 2015, there were less than 10 full episodes of shows and the ones that were offered are mostly defunct brands like Full Tilt Poker’s Face the Ace or Poker After Dark.

Once there’s enough content it’s easy to imagine this as a very compelling service. Just pop this on in the background of your home game and hit Play All until every last player has busted.

Just think about having access to entire seasons of High-Stakes Poker or Poker After Dark.

Furthermore Poker Central is producing its own shows with the Aria Super High Roller Bowl or the interview-based Pokerography.

The network has even started compiling a list of clips called 100 Greatest Poker Moments, which has some potential (although it’s no Best Poker Moments, ahem).

No WSOP Allowed

Negreanu FT 2
WSOP is one show you're unlikely to see on Poker Central.

There is one glaring hole, however, and that’s the World Series of Poker. For the time being the WSOP appears exclusively on ESPN.

The WSOP is the most popular poker TV show in the world and any streaming app is going to feel a little empty without it.

It would be incredibly cool to have an on-demand way to go back and watch the 2012 WSOP Main Event in its entirely for instance but at this point you simply can’t do that.

Regardless Poker Central has some serious potential and we'll be checking it frequently to see what kind of content gets added.


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