Game of Thrones vs. World Cup at the World Series of Poker

16 June 2014, Created By: Alexander Villegas
Game of Thrones vs. World Cup at the World Series of Poker

It’s been an exciting 36 hours at the Rio, mostly due to things happening outside of the Rio.

Down in Brazil, the United States played Ghana in their opening 2014 World Cup game and emerged victorious, beating Ghana 2 to 1.

But before that, last night, millions of eyeballs switched from the felt to television and computer screens, where the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones aired.

Today the Rio is abuzz with talk of both. It’s hard to determine which one is more popular at the moment, so we decided to conduct a 100 per cent accurate and scientific study to determine which event was more monumental at the WSOP.

Both events have their pros and cons in the poker world.

Game of Thrones is set in a fantasy world and therefore thrives in the poker world where many grew up playing Magic: The Gathering. It also appeals to players who are averse towards exercise, getting their heart rate up or just moving in general.

That being said, the World Cup appeals to those who gamble. Despite several requests, the sportsbooks refused to offer odds on the numerous battles during this season’s Game of Thrones.

The winner will be decided in the way of our GoT forefathers: Battle.

The Battle of Wardrobe


While we have seen the occasional GoT-related shirt, none were present in the field today. The World Cup wins this category uncontested.

Winner: World Cup

The Battle of Twitter:

Perhaps an analysis of what poker players at the WSOP are tweeting about will reveal the more popular fanatical pursuit.

Game of Thrones:

World Cup:


Things seemed to even so we went to the big guns. Both Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu -- who are usually quite vocal about these topics -- were suspiciously silent.

But then the man who’s usually silent spoke up to break the tie:

Winner: Game of Thrones

The Battle of Popular Opinion

With GoT and the USA tied at one each, we took the tournament area to ask what was more popular today. The resounding answer? Neither.

We’re at the World Series of Poker and what’s most popular among players and fans is, well, poker.

Today, the $10,000 6-max final table is what everyone has their eyes on. There were 264 players who signed up for the event and the final six standing were:

Poker ended up killing off Game of Thrones and the World Cup.

  • Joe Cada
  • Max Silver
  • Dario Sammartino
  • Jeremy Ausmus
  • JC Tran
  • Erick Lindgren

Bracelet holders, November Niners, former World Champions, Italian poker stars, the final table had it all and the stands were stacked with railbirds.

Sammartino and Lindgren have since been eliminated but the remaining four players still have a tough battle ahead. There’s $670,041, a bracelet and an impressive resume addition to whoever manages to make it through the night.


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