4 Must-Read Tips for Surviving Low-Buy-In WSOP Donkaments

Created By: Allen Rash
29 May 2014
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The World Series of Poker offers a huge range of buy-ins but the level most of us will experience is the low buy-in No-Limit Hold'em events.

Thousands of players flood the vast WSOP tournament rooms which means the potential for big money, and big frustration for the unprepared.

We've covered the World Series for nearly a decade. Here are the four most important things about WSOP donkaments we've learned along the way.

#1: Register Early

Even better, pre-register the day before the tournament. The lines for these events can fray the edge of sanity.

If you don’t register early and find yourself in a long queue at the cage, make sure you picked up a player’s card from the casino beforehand. Few things are more tilting than a long wait in line only to be told to go back out and get one.

Time is precious, glory awaits.

#2: Don’t Act Like You Won the Tournament in the First Level

A Player Does a Handstand
Excessive celebration is a big WSOP faux pas.

A rookie mistake is getting overly excited when winning a big hand early. Making a spectacle of yourself only puts a target on your back in the eyes of other players.

Excitement is great. Enjoy the moment. Just don’t overdo it.

You can’t win the tournament in the first level but you sure can lose it.

#3: Get a Headstart on Breaks

This is especially important if your biggest necessity is to use the bathroom facilities. Things tend to back up when 2,000 people hit the hallways at the all at once.

Lines will be long for the restrooms and Poker Kitchen. If you want to make it there and back in time you might want to skip that final hand to get a headstart.

Take your time if you just plan to stretch your legs, get some sun, or indulge your nicotine addiction. Chances are the desert sun will be out to warm you up.

#4: Don’t Forget Your Table and Seat Number

It may seem like a simple matter but it has happened before.

Players come back to the huge rooms and wander around desperately trying to find their chips. Sometimes helpful opponents might flag you down but best not to leave it to fate or the kindness of strangers.

Have fun, soak in the experience. Make the most of your first tournament run at the Rio.

None of these tips will help you win a WSOP title but it might just save your sanity along the way.


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