Former NY Knick Earl Barron Plays Poker While Playing Poker

Created By: Arthur Crowson
02 July 2014
Posted in: WSOP Blog
Earl Barron

Earl Barron can multitask.

The journeyman center played the $1,111 buy-in World Series of Poker Little One for One Drop event today.

In between playing actual cards at the table Barron was busy playing virtual cards on the Open-Face Chinese Poker app on his iPad.

The 7"-tall Barron has history of playing poker (he picked it up while playing for the Miami Heat) and has cashed for over $70,000 in live tournaments.

We did a video interview with Barron at the WSOP in 2012 and he mentioned that he loved poker but had a hard time fitting it into his scheduling considering the amount of training he had to do for basketball.

Perhaps now that he’s not playing basketball (although he is still technically a free agent) he has a little more time to devote to poker.

He certainly looked comfortable at the WSOP considering he was playing two forms of poker at the same time.

Earl BarronEarl BarronEarl BarronEarl Barron

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Randy Quaid 2015-01-22 18:12:38

Earl should be in the league he's solid

Dimitri 2014-07-03 03:30:24


cap60c 2014-07-02 20:26:17

that's a bad ass watch what is it