Coughing, Disappointments, and Inexperienced Players

21 April 2009, Created By: Jason Mercier
Coughing, Disappointments, and Inexperienced Players
For the past week, I have been just maintaining a cold which causes me to cough hysterically. I thought that it would have gone away by now, I have tried all kinds of things: resting, drinking tons of water, taking medicine. Nothing seems to work.

I pretty much ran out of medicine yesterday, so before I had to be at the restart of day 2 at EPT San Remo, my friend (Allen Bari) and I went to look for a pharmacy (farmacia in Italian).

Walking about a quarter mile past the casino we saw one in the distance. When we got closer, we realized that the place was closed. This was very annoying to me, I mean it's 1:30 on a Monday. If you aren't open at this time, WHAT TIME CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE OPEN???

So we abandoned that plan, and headed back to the casino to get ready to sit down at our tables for day 2. I had only 8100 in chips and the blinds were going to be 400/800.

When I arrived at my table, I looked at everyone else's stacks and everyone had between 7k and 16k, LOL (10 handed table). The average stack was 27k. What a ridiculous draw, but I mean it doesn't matter too much, because I need to double up soon anyway.

Mike McDonald
Fancy bumping into you here!

I ended up folding the first few hands, (94, J3, T2 etc), and then had to post the big blind. Everyone folded around to the small blind who was a young kid who was an online player.

I looked at my first card and saw an Ace as he was looking at his cards, and pretty much knew I was calling his shove.

He jammed his 9k stack and I saw a 7 and put my chips in. He had A8 which is unfortunate obviously. The board ran A 2 3 Q K, and that was all she wrote for me.  

I headed out of the casino, realized I was hungry, and decided to meet up with a couple people to grab some food. Unfortunately, I bumped into Mike McDonald (timex), who said he was going to go register for the 1k + 200 charity tournament.

I figured I should probably go do this now as well, seeing as how everything at this place sells out. We proceeded to wait in line for an hour and a half just for them to tell us that it was sold out as we got to the front of the line.

Pissed off, we left to finally go get some food. We ended up finding a way to play the tournament anyways, which started shortly after we finished eating.

I sat down at a table full of... I'll be nice... "inexperienced players." The only person at my table who had a clue was Annette Obrestad.

Our table broke pretty quickly, which sucked, and then I was moved over to Dario Minieri's table. He was 2 to my left, so I knew I was going to have to play a little tighter than normal. Again the table was filled with "inexperienced players."

Daniel O'Brien
Go Dan!

I ran my stack up from 10k to about 30k pretty quickly without any really tough spots, just value-towning the crap out of these guys.

With the blinds at 200/400, a fairly tight Italian guy raised to 1100 utg+1 with about 10k behind, I flatted with TT in mid position, and an aggro spewtard Italian man jammed all in from the b/b for about 15k. The tight player folded and I snapped him and he showed A10... obviously binks an Ace right on the flop. NH!

My friend Allen Bari and a Finnish regular, Voitto Rintala got moved to our table. And all 4 of us, the good players, proceeded to go broke to these guys within the next 2 hours. It was hilarious that the 4 pros went broke, and the amateurs just kept accumulating chips.

Anyways, I'm about to hop in the shower, and go try to find medicine again, then head to the casino to try and play the 2k event today. My friend Dan O'Brien is still in the main event with 130 or so players left, so I'm going to be rooting for him while I'm over there. Go Dan!

-- Jason Mercier

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bennyb56721 2009-04-27 03:28:00

You got the swine flu bro!

David Lawson 2009-04-22 10:19:00

J-Merc feel better man.

Steven 2009-04-22 05:49:00

A lot of stores and shops in Europe are closed monday or tuesday. Apart from sunday, independent businesses usually take an extra day off (they work 5 days a week full time). U didn't look very hard tho, or didn't inform yourself very well, cuz there always is one open (one of whatever u need, just in case u need it bad). I wouldn't say silly american, cuz nationality has nothing to do with it, u just have to know how things work or tend to work and u can't know that kind of stuff right of the bat...

Mario Dinieri 2009-04-21 18:24:00

Don't you know all the stores are closed on Monday in this part of the world? Silly American.

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