Cash Game Tales and Tournament Analysis from ADZ124

4 March 2010, Created By:
Cash Game Tales and Tournament Analysis from ADZ124

This week in LA has been rough in terms of poker, as it has in the past for me. First I want to make a correction to my last post. I had said that blinds were 4k/8k but they were actually 8k/16k in the Venetian 5k.

Now, I just want to say something to all of you haters out there.

First of all, when you are a figure in the media it is natural that not everyone is going to agree with things you say or opinions you may have, but when I post on this blog I want to express my feelings to you, talk about poker, and also let you know what kind of day to day activity I have been up to.

Yes, last week I bought some LV luggage, some glasses, some clothes, and got driven in a rolls, and I plan on doing more of that for the next 3 weeks, and yes, I guess it's natural for me to enjoy that.

If you want to hear strictly about poker when I am blogging and no humor that's fine with me, but I know for a fact that all of you who complained about not wanting to read the bullshit I wrote are going to hop back on that blog and wait for a new post because you don't have much better to do.

I do apologize, from now on I will keep all purchases and lifestyle perks to myself. Now let's get to what I really want to talk about tonight, the poker. I played a very poor LAPC main event, or at least felt I did.

I have always been results oriented, but in this tournament I was out in the first 45 minutes of level one, and for a nit like me that is more than unusual in a fairly deep stacked tournament.

Tell me what you guys think of hand 1: A tight player makes it 150 at the 25/50 level. 2 callers and I squeeze in the small blind to 1400 with 10 2 cc, the action goes call-call-fold.

The flop comes K-6-7 with 2 clubs and I bet 2800 on the flop into 2 players. The first folds and the second moves all in for 10,000 more chips, leaving me with about 5k behind if I call and lose.

I decided to call and was shown two-pair by Robert Mizrachi and when I did not hit my flush was left with 5,000 chips which I ran up only to lose kings to aces ten minutes later and that quickly, the tournament was over.

Personally, I don't think the hand was played terribly, but I do think in a tournament you always have to ask yourself if it is the right time to gamble, and if that gamble is really worth your tournament life (or in this case crippling your stack).

I took a one outer in the high roller which definitely stung. Jason Mercier opened to 2,800 with AJ and I made it 11,500 in the small blind at a five-handed table. Scott Siever moved all in from the big blind and I felt since it was a short table, and he had a pretty wide shove range given the circumstances that I had to call off my other 37,500.

The board ran out Q-9-6-6-J, As he said nice hand the one outer hit the river. I was furious, left in a rage, went up to friend Lisa Hamilton's room in the commerce because I could not wait to go all the way back to the Double Tree and play.

I made a profit of $16,000 in 2,000 hands and quit feeling a bit better.

PLO Sickness: I am a good no limit player, but my PLO game is awful. I am down probably $700,000-$1,000,000 in PLO and it affects my no limit play greatly when I am losing at PLO.

We played $50/$100 at Commerce. I bought in for $31,000 and was up to about $40K before losing a $44k pot on 2-5-7 with 6-8-9-Q with Q6ss.

I raised to $200 and the button made it $700 more, the small blind called and I called. The 2-5-7 rainbow flop was checked by the small blind. I bet $1,400 and the button folded. The small blind raised $5,000 with $15k more behind,

I tank-flatted but got stuck in the hand on the K turn as I picked up the queen high draw. He bet $15k all in, I called and we ran it twice, he had a set of 5s and ace 3 no draw, and won both times for about $44,000.

The game broke, I then got hustled by a guy from Chicago they call "Deniro" who asked if I wanted to continue playing but heads up, I was crushing him actually. I find my No-Limit skills come in handy in Omaha sometimes, but I then made a careless mistake.

On the way back from west Hollywood where me and Will Molson had dinner, the cab driver actually had some really good poker advice, he said to be careful and precise. We told him we were aspiring poker players who made profits of $800.

I was not careful and precise in this hand, I had raised to $200 pre with K-5-4-8 with K54dd and he called. The flop came 7-2-4 with 2 hearts he led for $400 and I called for a miracle gut shot, which came on the turn, the 6c making the board 2 heart 2 club.

He checked to me and what happened next was very sick, I bet $1,200 which was pot (we only had $600 each in the pot) and he raised me pot so about $5k. I re-raised like a fool and called all in at that point obviously with the nuts.

He had the redraw and nut straight obviously. We ran it once by my choice and he rivered the heart for 48,000. So yes, two sick hands in PLO, adding to my overall losses in the game, and at the Commerce Casino where I am yet to win.

After busting Legends WPT 8th in August I was so tilted I stayed at commerce for a week lost $70,000. I had $110,000 on Stars at the time which I lost in 5 days.

I then went home and reloaded $120k online, lost it, reloaded another $160k within 5 days and lost that, and then reloaded another $100k which I was down to about 30 with on stars before turning it around in late November early December where I went on a 500k heater.

Just sick. I am done with LA for a while, going back to Vegas where I'm meeting a beautiful Colombian girl from South Beach friday on the brighter side of things.

To all of you haters, poker and money go hand in hand, not talking about money and being a poker player is hard because it is like being a baseball player who does not talk about home runs. I am sorry for offending you with my shopping inventory, from now on the personal will stay personal since you guys can't handle being my friends and letting me speak my mind, you are all so quick to judge.

Well let me tell you one last thing, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. 



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lover of ryan 2010-12-09 08:57:32

ithink thaaj is a jealous homo

p0kerz 2010-04-15 22:32:30

haters gon hate

pokerdude 2010-03-09 05:03:38


thaaj2004 2010-03-05 20:50:00

lol i did not write that...but i seriously wonder who did hahahahaha

jk 2010-03-05 19:21:53

dude! didn't those donks know your so ballah they're supposed to fold to your Tc2c just cause, well...they're donks and your ballah!

William 2010-03-05 11:55:29

Boring dude. Nobody cares how you do in any given tournament. We (even the haters) want to hear about all the lifestyle stuff that you do. Turn comments off it they bother you, but you are gonna have a much smaller following if this blog is just about your results and play from our poker sessions and tournaments (coming from somebody who has had a poker/lifestyle blog since 2005).

thaaj 2010-03-05 11:32:55

Toronto is a better place without you.

acesacesaces 2010-03-05 01:32:04

do both imo

chareezie 2010-03-04 19:00:39

More high roller stories

JMoney 2010-03-04 15:49:02

The haters are obviously jealous, so let them hate on. Not everybody would do the same thing with money, but I can guarantee they would definitely be enjoying it if they had it!

I like hearing about the high roller life because that's not something you hear about everyday. I think a good mix of poker and baller stories would be great. But, in truth, it's your blog so write about whatever the f*ck you want!

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